Mentor Cream Tea – Business Youth Mentorship Mid-Term Review

On the 7th March 2019 The Leigh UTC Business Youth Mentors met with their mentees and enjoyed a delicious cream tea as part of a mid-term review. It provided a fantastic informal opportunity for everyone to discuss how the mentoring process was going so far and identified how it was making a positive difference to everyone involved.

Honest feedback was welcomed and some great ideas identified to further develop the programme.  

The Principal, Steve Leahey took the opportunity to thank all those involved for their dedication and commitment to supporting the students at The Leigh UTC.

We look forward to completing another successful scheme in July and the launch of a new programme in September 2019.

If anyone is interested in participating in the Youth Business Mentorship then please contact The Mentoring team, at

Meet Amelia – Engineering Apprentice at Coca-Cola European Partners

What is your background?

When I was younger, my Grandad would show me how things were made in his shed and I found this fascinating. I’ve always enjoyed taking things apart and seeing how they work, so these experiences made me want to work in Engineering.

My parents worked in office-based roles, but I didn’t like the idea of doing the same tasks every day and I was keen to work in a more varied role. I have a really analytical mindset which meant that I was really pleased when one of my academic options was to do a BTEC Level 2 in Engineering. Following this, I studied BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering at Leigh UTC in Dartford, and in addition to this, I also decided to do A-Level Maths and BTEC Level 3 in Computing. Leigh UTC have relationships with a number of different organisations, including Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), which is how I was introduced to the Engineering apprenticeship. Leigh UTC were really supportive of my decision to apply for apprenticeships.

Why did you want to do an Engineering apprenticeship?

My Grandad did an Engineering apprenticeship so I was introduced to the possibility of doing this from an early age. I wanted to earn whilst I was learning, but I also wanted to gain a solid academic background to support me in the future.

I’d describe myself as methodical; having something physically in front of me to look at really suits my learning style. This made theory-based subjects harder for me at school, but meant that CCEP’s Engineering apprenticeship was a great option for me.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

I have been studying at college full-time since September 2018 but I will be returning to CCEP’s Sidcup site in the summer. During this time, I’ll be working on a variety of projects, shadowing more experienced members of staff and gaining exposure to a number of different areas to help me decide what area I wish to specialise in.

Why do you enjoy working for Coca-Cola European Partners?

My role here is challenging and with 8 manufacturing lines (soon to be 10!), there is a lot to learn. My apprenticeship requires me to be adaptable and forward-thinking, which I really enjoy. Even when I am at college, I have regular contact with my colleagues. They have been really supportive, checking in with me and making sure that I am gaining the experience that I want/need from my apprenticeship and providing great advice.

What advice would you give to somebody considering applying for an apprenticeship?

It’s important that you are a hands-on, flexible and self-motivated person to do an apprenticeship. If you are considering doing one, I think it is a great way to gain the skills and experience that you need. A few of my friends have done apprenticeships, and some have gone to University. I think it’s important to remember that a full-time, academic course isn’t for everybody, and an apprenticeship can give you the practical skills that you need alongside your studies. They’re a great way to gain the experience you need in a working environment, without the student debt that comes with studying at University.

Interested in applying for an Apprenticeship with us? Find out more here.

Technology Challenge – Royal Engineers Museum

On Friday 15th March 3 teams from the Leigh UTC were invited to take part in a Technology Tournament at the Royal Engineers Museum competing against students from other schools.

The Technology Challenge involved students nominated by their teachers in teams of 4 from Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. They were given surprise task on the day which included the design, manufacture and testing of a prototype crane that had to collapse to move under a bridge then lift a load out of a pipe via a magnet then return to the start carrying the load and moving back under the bridge.. Eg  A vehicle which can drive over different types of terrain. Students were given marks for teamwork, quality of designs, quality of the make and how well it performed in testing.

There were 15 teams in total with 2 overall categories and the Leigh UTC won the advanced category with their KS5 team. This is the Leigh UTC’s second win in 3 years.

Congratulations to the KS5 Y12 winners. Students, from left to right.

Josh Edney, Jason Wendon, Bethany Arney, Patrick Manning. (Other competitors were Y11,  Kai Busfield, Noah Green, Hannah Stonehouse, Joe Howe, and in Y8 Hayden Hooper, James Fowler, Lewis Bailes, Amy Muskett, Charlie Walder)

Key Stage 3 – Zero Club

As a reward for maintaining an immaculate behavioural record, 28 students from Key Stage 3 visited the London Docklands Museum in Canary Wharf. During the day, students discovered the significant role that the River Thames played in the development of London as well as the ethical issues linked to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The most popular exhibit among the students was ‘London during World War II’ where students were able to experience first hand what life in London was like during the Blitz – including the use of an underground shelter! The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the students were, as always, perfect ambassadors of the school.

Key Stage 3 – Humanities

Throughout Module 4, students across Key Stage 3 are studying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The aim is to get the entire world working together to achieve the universal goals by 2030. This week, students have been looking at the issues of equality in education around the world, as well as how plastic pollution is impacting on the planet and animal life on land and below water.

Students are working hard to create proposals as to how The Leigh UTC can do our part in making the world a better place for future generations. We welcome suggestions from all students and their families to aid our contribution to these goals.

Please contact Mr Blyth by email if you wish to share your ideas: