Year 7 Senior Tech Support Team

Mr Basit, Teacher of Computer Science had Year 7 students providing Senior Tech support (within their reach) during his Computer Science lessons.
Students solved technical problems and shared any exciting technological news.
The team managed to get a promotion for their outstanding enthusiasm for computing from Junior to Senior Level in Module 1.
For rewards, they have received Class Chart points for being inquirers and knowledgeable, postcards home and a day off from homework in the week when they have shown great commitment, hard work and dedication.
Renata  (7W)
Stevie  (7W)
Tilly (7W)
Alex  (7Z)
Ryan  (7Z)

Remembrance Day Service

Today the Leigh UTC held a service for Remembrance day.

All students and staff across the UTC took part in the service and 2 minute silence along with special guests: Clive Barker – Vice Chair of Governors, Steve Leahey – Principal, Frank Pendergast – Parachute Reigment, Bill Gladden – 6th Airborne, Armoured Reece Regiment and Alec Borrie – SAS member.

At the end of the service students were able to ask our guests questions about what it was like to be Paratrooper regiment and to serve for our country.
We would like to take this opporutnity to thank our guests for taking part in our very special ceremony.

Keep an eye out on BBC South East tonight at 6.30pm as the service was filmed and will be shown tonight.

#RemberanceDay #Poppy #UTC #STEM 

Engineering Week

As part of our Engineering Week year 10 and year 11 had a visit from Sparschatts on Thursday last week. They brought with them a state of the art Mercedes Benz truck to help students complete some workshops they had organised.

Students were able to look around the truck and also took part in various workshops including one about the future of vehicles and also sustainable transport.


LEGO Mindstorm Robots

Mr Soumya Manna, a lecturer for the School of Engineering, Technology and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University carried out a CDIO activity with our year 12 and 13 students yesterday.

The activity involved LEGO mindstorm robots and a memory wire-based artificial robotic hand. The students were challenged to complete different tasks and to get a hands on experience using modern Engineering techniques and ideas.

The session really focused on the underpinned engineering principles behind these challenges. #Engineering #medicalrobotics #futurecareers #UTC

Year 7 Fright Night Event

Before half term and as part of their community project, Form 9M arranged a welcome event for Year 7. They decided the event should be charitable, and the proceeds raised will go to Team Trees, a charity that plants a tree for each donation of £1.

The form worked hard to create and display posters advertising the event and visited form groups to aid in the promotion of Fright Night.
A robust turnout of year 7 students (monsters, ghouls and witches) worked in groups to complete spooky team challenges, such as making the broomstick fly and to evolve to be almighty, powerful beings!

Year 9 finished the event off with a hellish flourish, by playing parachute games and sent them on their way with prizes of treats, after overcoming the tricky tasks.

The students who delivered the activities made their form and the Leigh UTC proud, by displaying independence, leadership and creativity, especially in their horrific costumes and face paint!