Mr S Leahey
 Mrs C Lindars
Head of College
Inspiration Academy
Mr L Muhammad
Head of College
Mr N Arnould
Assistant Head of College
Inspiration Academy
       Mrs H Sandhu
Assistant Head of College

Directors of Learning

Ms S Rekhi – Director of Learning – Computer Science
Miss S Dickinson – Director of Learning – English & IBCP Coordinator
Miss K Shchedrova – Director of Learning – English
Mr R Nash – Director of Learning – Engineering
Mr J Wright – Director of Apprenticeships
Miss S Armstrong – Director of Learning – Science

Coordinators of Learning

Dr S von der Goltz – Coordinator of Mathematics
Miss R Warner – Coordinator of Post 16 and Teacher of Engineering
Miss S Fenton – Coordinator of Design & Technology and Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr A Ogunrekun – Coordinator of IT Apprenticeship and Teacher of Computer Science
Mr S Zaidi – Coordinator of Computer Science.


Mr K Hurrell – Business Manager


Mr D Allsop – Finance Manager
Miss M Ayoola – Finance Assistant


Mr J Walter –Senior Network Support Manager
Mr C Callaghan-IT Technician

Main Office

Mrs H Dempsey – Office Manager
Ms S Gappa – Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs K Fox – Administrator
Mrs J Clements – Receptionist
Ms J Gordon – KS4 & KS5 Admissions

Data and Examinations

Mrs Usher– Examinations Officer
Mr A Miller–Data Officer
Mrs G Booker – Exam Invigilator
Mrs Browning – Exam Invigilator
Mr S Carter – Exam Invigilator
Mrs D Dhanjee – Exam Invigilator
Mrs D Dhinsey – Exam Invigilator
Mrs Dyes – Exam Invigilator
Mrs Hurrell – Exam Invigilator
Mrs Lawson – Exam Invigilator
Mrs F McKeough – Exam Invigilator
Mrs Stewart – Exam Invigilator

Learning and Resources

Mr N Payne – Learning Resources and Career Development Manager


Mrs C Lindars – SENCO
Mrs McDonnell – Assistant SENCO
Mrs K Daniels – Assistant SENCO

Site Team

Mr S Connolly -Assistant Site Manager
Mr K Clout – Caretaker
Mr J Glander – Caretaker
Mr L Bull – Lettings Facilitator
Mrs D Greensmith – Lettings Facilitator

Pastoral Support

Mr K Nutter – Student Services Manager
Mrs A Wilton – Pastoral Support Coordinator
Mrs V Narwan – Attendance Officer

Learning Mentors

Ms S Hayes – Learning Mentor
Mr Mr N Khan – Learning Mentor
Miss S Ali – Learning Mentor

Computer Science

Mr A Ogunrekun – Teacher of Computer Science
Mr S Zaidi – Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs Plumb – Teacher of Computer Science

Engineering and Technology

Mr T Edmondson – Teacher of Technology
Mr P Gittings – Teacher of Engineering
Miss M Swaffer – Teacher of Art


Mr M Brown – Teacher of English
Mrs S Glover – Teacher of English
Mr R Murtagh – Teacher of English
Mr J Snook – Teacher of MFL


Ms M Warren – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Lilley – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr B Eastley – Teacher of Mathematics


Mr A Baldock – Teacher of PE
Miss M Bowden – Teacher of PE and Humanities
Miss S Hearn – Teacher of PE and Mathematics


Mr A Bertin – Teacher of Science
MS M Smith – Lead Practitioner of Science


Mr T Britton – STEM Technician
Mr E Featherstone– STEM Technician
Mrs S Perumbadi– STEM Technician

Cover Supervisors/Teaching Support

Mr P Cutler – Cover Supervisor
Ms S Tomkins – Cover Supervisor
Mr B Young – Cover Supervisor
Ms L Hughes – Teaching Assistant