Amazon Web Services Summit

As part of the annual ‘route to success’ week at the Leigh UTC, Post 16 students attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit at London ExCeL. Students were in a privileged position by being the only school in attendance to the event. Students enjoyed a Keynote Presentation from Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels about the technological advantages offered to businesses by using AWS. Students then heard from Amazon colleagues who are using AWS to analyse imaging data gathered from satellites to generate biological data about remote parts of the earth as well as processing data gathered from the Mars rover. Subsequent sessions gave students an insight to the emerging technology from Amazon as well as writing their first program that worked with Amazon’s Alexa Artificial Intelligence platform. After hearing from the CEO of a business that was started when the CEO was only 14 and worth over 10 million mounds now, students were asked to pitch their ideas for systems and services that could run on AWS with four members of Amazon staff to give feedback on the proposals in a dragons den style.

Students and staff alike had an amazing day and we extend our sincerest thanks to Amazon for putting on an event that set a new standard for industry based workshops in the corporate setting.

This vlog was created by one of the Year 12 students: