The Leigh UTC and Business Partnerships

Both business and education need each other for obvious reasons.

Business needs to employ well educated young people with the right attitude – and education needs to understand and deliver the skills and attributes that business want.

The world of technology and computing is ever-changing and the continuously developing skills that businesses require need to be updated and communicated to the world of education regularly.

Also the technical skills alone are not enough – there’s a need for personal skills that create a well-rounded person ready for the world of work.

This can only be successfully achieved through a close and genuine working relationship between business and education.

The University Technical College (UTC) movement ( supported by the Baker Dearing Trust has a planned 50 establishments to be open by 2018 and has recognised that there is a major shortage nationally in technological skills.

In order to help bridge that gap in the North West Kent area, The Leigh UTC (Dartford) opened to 14 to 19 yrs. old students in 2014 and offers the specialisms of Engineering and Computer Science within a unique style of education – with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based curriculum combined with practical project-based learning or ‘learning by doing’.

Part of the ethos of the college is based on a business-like atmosphere which is frequently remarked upon by visiting companies. For example, uniform – business suits; working day – 8.30 to 5pm with 30 mins for lunch; last hour of the day dedicated to a range of Research and Development projects.

There are several areas of opportunity to engage with The Leigh UTC and these can be tailored to suit each company’s preference.

  • Talks/Lectures
  • Visits to businesses and events
  • Sponsorship by funding or sourcing resources – engineering and computing equipment and materials – specialised technical items.
  • Mentoring
  • Apprenticeships
  • Work experience
  • Project-based learning assignments
  • Employment/Careers
  • Marketing
  • Governorship

In each of these categories The Leigh UTC has a well-developed program to train and support our business partners. Many companies have already benefited from working with us, identifying talented young students whom they’ve subsequently employed. Also company employees enjoy the rewarding experience of inspiring young people to identify and achieve their goals.

To arrange a meeting to discuss how we can partner with your business just contact John Grafik, Business Manager, via to arrange a meeting and tour of our facilities.