Continued Success in GCSE Maths results

Students were thrilled to receive their GCSE maths results this morning, which were presented to them by the Principal, Vice Principal, Assistant Principal and Director of Mathematics. 71% of the students made progress on prior achievements and also gained a grade C or higher, with one student only 1 mark away from that achievement. Students are extremely pleased to gain their Maths GCSE and continue with their level 3 Core Math qualifications.

“I feel relieved to have achieved my maths and feel confident progressing with the Core maths. I am the only person in my family to have achieved this.”
“I was completely overwhelmed by the results that I had achieved, and feel like my hard work had paid off.”
“Getting this C grade was so important, I realised that when I was turned down from a part-time job in a stationary shop. This will definitely lead to more opportunities.”