Q&As with Nadine

From building bomb disposal robots to invaluable work experience, sixth form student Nadine Pickard is loving her time at The Leigh UTC.

Why did you choose The Leigh UTC?

I chose The Leigh UTC over any other school because it has an exemplary workshop, which has an incredible range of machinery.

What are you studying and why?

I’m currently doing a BTEC Level 3 diploma in engineering, whilst also taking A Level maths and physics.  I chose these three subjects as I wanted to experience the theoretical and practical side of engineering.

What’s The Leigh UTC like?

It’s a relaxed yet professional environment where the teachers and staff treat the students as adults who are going into the working world.

What’s your favourite lesson and why?

My favourite lesson is engineering, as I am constantly learning and using the machines in the workshop, doing the occasional experiment and a bit of theoretical work.

What is the best thing about the UTC?

Having the Wednesday off to do work experience at companies that support The Leigh UTC.

What’s been your best project and why?

The VEX project for unit three in engineering.  I got to make new friends whilst having fun constructing and building bomb disposal robots for the army in Afghanistan.

What do you want to do when you leave The Leigh UTC?

I’d like to go to university and study aerospace engineering, as I used to be an air cadet and have an interest in planes.