Our Performance

2016 Exam results highlights

The past two years have brought successes for The Leigh UTC with some measurable outcomes and some that are seen in the destinations our students reached as well as overall confidence and self-esteem following their education at The Leigh UTC.

These are some of the highlights:

  • The Leigh UTC is the best performing UTC in the country with the highest Progress 8 score regardless having the lowest KS2 average point score of its students
  • Half of the cohort achieved C and above in both English and maths
  • Disadvantaged students did well, in maths in particular (Progress 8 score +0.81)
  • Students with low attainment achieved excellent Progress (progress 8 score +0.51)
  • For Post 16, Level 3 Value added is +0.32 for academic and +0.48 for applied general courses



Department for Education School & College Performance Tables

The Department for Education publish data on school performance each year.  Data for The Leigh UTC will be published after the Summer 2016 examination results.  Click here to view The Leigh UTC’s entry in the performance tables.


Ofsted Reports

Click here to view the Ofsted report conducted on 1-2 February 2017.