The Leigh UTC Service of Remembrance

The Leigh UTC Service of Remembrance

Students and staff across the UTC have been extremely busy this week commemorating remembrance day by working in their tutor time on a remembrance challenge. Tutor groups were asked to create an artefact that commemorates the fallen soldiers in the world wars that will be displayed in the UTC. A range of excellent outcomes were presented that ranged from poems, creative writing, large 3D Displays, poppy wreath, digital animations and presentations. Many staff and students also proudly wore hand crochet poppies created by Miss Dickinson and Mrs Warren. The week came to a close with a live video feed to our facebook and twitter pages from our remembrance service.  Students, staff and visitors paid their respect with a 2minute silence. During the service Principal Steve Leahey welcomed the staff students and visitors reminding us why we commemorate the fallen soldiers.  Clive Barker, Vice Chair of Governors read a the poem ‘A WIsh’ and laid a wreath on behalf of our stakeholders, Students Greg Tindall Y13 and Jasmine Glass Y10 were selected to laid a wreath on behalf of our  student and staff body. Student Principal Lewis Cartmell read the Exhortation, Morgan Stansell chose to read the poem ‘The insequative mind of a child’. Usifo Ehigie Y12 read the poem written by his fellow tutor student Y10 Edward William called ‘Emotions at War’. Finally  Joseph Fasogbon read a beautiful poem that he wrote called ‘A Poem About Remembrance’:

That time has come, but it’s also past

The Sacrifice they made, for our lives to last.

Wives turned to widows, families completely torn

Gave their lives, so for them we mourn.

Some gone forever, but souls never lost

I guess freedom comes, with this heavy cost.

We enjoy the life, they did preserve

The fate they suffered, but did not deserve.

That time has come, but lest we forget

To them we own, our life in debt.

                                              Jason Fasogbon

It was an excellent week and the students showed such compassion and respect.