Maths In Action event inspires Year 10 students

On Monday 13th June a group of ten mixed ability year 10 students went to Greenwich University’s Maritime Campus to attend a ‘Maths in Action’ event organised by FMSP.
The day consisted of two workshops and two lectures. The students were also able to take a Campus tour around the Naval College which was conducted by current undergraduates.

The two workshops were thoroughly enjoyed by all students. The first one was on Magic Tricks and the second one was on Body Balance which introduced the students to Mechanics.

The afternoon lectures were very diverse. The first one was run by Katie Steckles. She introduced some amazing mental maths and then went on to show how barcodes are created and how they can be checked to ensure that they have been scanned correctly. The second lecture was by Ed Bloomer from the Royal Observatory. Ed showed us how us how to do Spherical Geometry and the fact it would take a Lamborghini over 1000 years to drive to Pluto.

One of the students stated “The Maths day at the University of Greenwich was a fun experience overall. The interactive day has taught me a lot about how Maths can link to a range of careers and how Maths can be enjoyable. The day opened my eyes to career paths that I would not have even thought of taking”.