The Scholars Programme with the Brilliant Club

The Scholars Programme is a university style course which is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and ambition to help pupils secure places at highly-selective universities. The course was delivered by Rima Saini who is currently studying towards her PhD in Sociology at City University.

The programme began with a visit to King’s College London during which the students had a tour of the University buildings, had a lecture of study skills and took part in their first tutorial.


The students then took part in a further five 1 hour sessions, based at the Leigh UTC, designed to challenge their talents and make them think about how statistics can be used to interpret sociological questions. The sessions were implemented as small group seminars are at a university.


The trip culminated in a visit to St John’s College Cambridge. Here the students once more had the opportunity to tour a prestigious university. They also spent time reflecting on how they had benefitted from the course and what the students could do to give them the best chance at succeeding at a highly selective university.


“I enjoyed learning about this because it’s vital in the society we live in, and was strange to see all the factors that attributed to a person’s voting behaviour.” (Morgan Stansell, Year 11)
“My main focus was the effect of animal cloning, I enjoyed learning about this because it was interesting to find out people’s opinions and views.” (Hayden Thomsett, Year 11)