Technology Challenge – Royal Engineers Museum

On Friday 15th March 3 teams from the Leigh UTC were invited to take part in a Technology Tournament at the Royal Engineers Museum competing against students from other schools.

The Technology Challenge involved students nominated by their teachers in teams of 4 from Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. They were given surprise task on the day which included the design, manufacture and testing of a prototype crane that had to collapse to move under a bridge then lift a load out of a pipe via a magnet then return to the start carrying the load and moving back under the bridge.. Eg  A vehicle which can drive over different types of terrain. Students were given marks for teamwork, quality of designs, quality of the make and how well it performed in testing.

There were 15 teams in total with 2 overall categories and the Leigh UTC won the advanced category with their KS5 team. This is the Leigh UTC’s second win in 3 years.

Congratulations to the KS5 Y12 winners. Students, from left to right.

Josh Edney, Jason Wendon, Bethany Arney, Patrick Manning. (Other competitors were Y11,  Kai Busfield, Noah Green, Hannah Stonehouse, Joe Howe, and in Y8 Hayden Hooper, James Fowler, Lewis Bailes, Amy Muskett, Charlie Walder)