University of Leicester visits LAT secondary academies

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Presentation at The Leigh UTC

On Tuesday 5th December, Leigh Academies Trust was delighted to welcome Dan Flatt, Senior Student Recruitment Officer from Leicester University. During a busy day, Dan visited four academies- Mascalls Academy, The Leigh UTC , Leigh Academy and Strood Academy to talk to students about why they might want to go to university.

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Students from mainly year 12 but also some from year 11 listened intently to Dan’s comprehensive presentations. Topics included what is it like to study at university, will I meet new people ,what skills will I develop and is it worth it; will I get a job afterwards?

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Presentation at Strood Academy

Dan explained that students can choose from a diverse range of courses as there are over 40,000 different degree courses offered at over 350 institutions within the U.K. Many universities offer state of the art facilities in which to study.

He stressed the benefits of independent learning at this stage as well as opportunities such as a year out in industry, a year abroad or learning a language as part of a degree. Aspects such as where students live and the clubs and societies available were also discussed.

The skills gained from going to university were summarised as:

  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Critical analysis
  • Research
  • Working under pressure

Companies who offer top graduate positions were included when discussing the typical higher graduate earnings in relation to non graduates.

Student finance was also explored including tuition fees, maintenance loans, loan repayments, bursaries, scholarships- and weird and wonderful grants!

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Presentation at the Leigh Academy


Feedback from students was excellent with comments including:

“He was very engaging and had many good points including his personal experience”

“I appreciated the information on finances”

“It was very helpful”

Thank you Dan for some very engaging and thoughtful information