Year 10 King’s College London Trip

To help students begin their journey to university and higher education select year 10 students took part in the Uni Pathways R&D. The purpose of this R&D was to learn some university level mathematics and to start thinking about the choices the students had to make to go onto a top level university, whatever their chosen subject. The students have learnt how graph theory can be used to search computer networks and in logistics.

To celebrate the completion of the mathematical aspects of the course 8 students from year 10 attended a trip to King’s College London, currently ranked 14 in the Guardian University League table. During this trip students attended a lecture about financing studies in higher education and choosing subjects that would enable them freedom to choose the course they are interested in. They also had the opportunity to ask current KCL students about their experience. The lecture was followed by a tour of the university facilities and recently restored library by a current KCL student reading mathematics.

“It gave me a much more open and detailed view of what my previous expectation was. Plus I enjoyed it!” – Ioulia Kasapidis Yr 10.

“The library was cool & big” – Nathan Stokley Yr 10.

“I liked the tour around the university as it gave me an idea of my future and got me thinking about how I can live my life, with the costs and everything. Before this I wasn’t even thinking of uni” – Dahab Hajaj Yr 10.


The Leigh UTC Year 10s and D von der Goltz with their guide, third year Mathematician Isabelle.