Year 11 are Speaking for Success

Over the last few weeks, The Leigh UTC’s year 11 students have been preparing for their upcoming speaking and listening exams. All students are aiming for Merit and Distinction and are currently busy choosing topics that inspire and excite them.

At the Leigh UTC we realise that communication is the most important skill for success, and we seek to particularly develop our students’ confidence and determination in how they present themselves verbally, in front of their peers, teachers and visitors to our UTC. After all, ‘every day is an interview’.

In preparation for our speaking exams, students have completed two workshops with professional speakers who have provided them with techniques including: how to plan their speeches; how to ‘pretend to be confident’; how to answer questions on the spot and how to engage an audience. Students have practised giving each other silly speeches, standing up in front of their peers and developing on-the-spot presentations for one another. They have thoroughly engaged with these workshops and now feel ready to deliver their own presentations.

We would like to thank Marc Lemezma and Richard Murray for contextualising this learning so that students see this experience as a real-world opportunity, not just another exam.


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