Gaming Design at The Leigh UTC



A mixed group of year 13 and year 12 I.T students at The Leigh UTC recently presented their game design ideas to industry experts.

Stephen Hood, Creative Director/Executive Producer and Jason Darby, Lead Technical Designer of Dovetail Games ( visited the academy to critique ideas which were for a varied range of games types. Five students gave individual presentations to their guests as well as their peers. In assessing students work, Stephen commented “Games are about giving people choice”. Post event, he further commented “We all remember starting out and are therefore only too happy to try and impart some useful knowledge.”




Students commented:

“The presentation was useful as it helped me to gain an insight to what presenting is like in the real world. It was also enjoyable as the Dovetail guys were friendly and gave a lot of useful tips for the further development of our ideas”  – Alex


“After presenting my game I came away with a lot of constructive feedback and positivity. Originally I went up, nervous and very scared but at the end I came away with a bit more confidence in myself and my abilities. It was a great opportunity to be able to present as it will prepare me for what future presentations will be like and what to expect. Not just that but game design is where I would like a career in and the feedback I received has proven and will be great for me to reflect on and to adapt myself to.”  – Gus


“It was a great opportunity to improve my presentation skills in a realistic situation.

It was inspiring to receive feedback from real employees within the industry”  – James

I found the presentation of my work to Dovetail Games extremely helpful as they gave me great feedback on my game design and also on my presentation skills. All the feedback they gave me was good for further development of my game and my coursework. Both people gave individual feedback which provided me with two new opinions of what I can do to improve my work and what was good about it already. Thank you. “ – George

Paul Blake, Teacher of I.T at The Leigh UTC commented:
“Having industry professionals give developmental feedback to our students is priceless. It gives a real context to the learning they do and gives them the opportunity to learn the tips and tricks of the trade. Simply being able to talk-the-technical-talk and present at the level of an employee gives real meaning to everything they learn. The excitement that events like this generate is vital for getting the most out of a vocational subject. Thank you, DOVETAIL GAMES ! “

Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel – Year 11

tanners-pic-1 tanners-pic-2On the 19th December 2016 twelve (Year 11) students and two staff attended a team building activity at Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel, near Dorking in Surrey.  Tanners Hatch is an old cottage nearly a mile walk into the woods. There is no outside lighting and it has no wifi, television or phone reception.

Whilst there students learned to make their own beds in the dormitory style accommodation.  They cooked an evening meal, breakfast and prepared drinks.  They all took turns in washing up and cleaning.

tanner-pic-3 tanner-pic-4


The first day started with a very steep climb up Box Hill, Surrey to a fantastic viewpoint over the surrounding countryside. Whilst the low mist limited the view (and pictures) it certainly enhanced the feeling of walking through the clouds.


As the students hiked over 6 miles they completed various team challenges, fed some horses and used stepping stones to cross a river.

tanner-pic-6 tanner-pic-7

The students worked hard to collect wood for a campfire, toasting marsh mellows and drinking hot chocolate late into the evening.


Working together the students improved their communication, self-motivation and collaboration skills.  By observing the strengths and weaknesses of the group, each student was able to reflect and gain a greater understanding of their own development needs.   Sharing the accommodation with several other Youth hostellers they made great friends of people from different areas and ages, even chatting and making tea for a retired school teacher.

The next day, students completed a treasure hunt around Dorking Town centre. In small teams they identified various statues, features, gathered information and located Heritage Town trial plaques from maps and clues provided.



All students returned exhausted. They had greatly enjoyed meeting new people and shared some fantastic new experiences. Most importantly discovering a little more about their fellow students and themselves.

Art Visit to Tate Modern

Year 11 GCSE Art and Design students had the pleasure of an excellent private guided tour of the Tate Modern last week.

Students were introduced to a wide range of contemporary artists that support their final exam question around their chosen themes of ‘ Out of place’ ‘Surroundings’ ‘Detail’ ‘Assemble’ or’ ‘Architecture’. Despite that for many students this was their first visit to an art gallery, they were praised for their enthusiasm, understanding and deep analytical thinking. For further updates and inspiration for any Art and Design students please follow our Leigh UTC Art and Design Instagram @LeighUTCArtDesign

Continued success in GCSE English results

We would like to congratulate all students who received their GCSE English results today. These were presented to them by the Principal, Vice Principal and Director of Learning – English. 62% of the students made progress on previous achievements by attaining a C, with one student attaining a B.
“I feel as though this GCSE has opened another door for me. I now have the confidence to apply for Level 3 apprenticeships in Computer Aided Design and manufacturing.” – Liam
“I am so pleased with this result. I feel that it has removed a barrier that was holding me back.” – Jack