Module Awards Assembly

This week KS3 students across year 7 and 8 celebrated their successes in our module awards assembly.  Students received awards based on the IB learner profile attributes of Open Minded, Thinkers, Reflective, Balanced and Principled.  The awards assembly also celebrated the achievements of all of our wonderful students that took part in the national First Lego league competition. Finally we are pleased to announce yet another two millionaires with two Y8 students also reading over 1 million words since September. We are extremely proud of our students and all that they continue to achieve!


Lower Thames Crossing Project Workshop at The Leigh UTC

Thank you to Evelyn Ismail, Community Engagement Lead and Sarah Gardner, External Affairs, from The Lower Thames Crossing Project for presenting an interactive careers workshop at The Leigh UTC.


Beginning by giving a brief overview of their own careers thus far, Evelyn and Sarah then went on to explain to year 12 about the implications of the proposed scheme.

Using polls, students were given the opportunity to discuss the following:

  • What jobs do students think will be involved?
  • Which are most important?
  • How will technology change the working landscape?

In a thought provoking presentation, students were encouraged to think about their wider geographical living environment and the future of employment.

A further benefit from the presentation was a generous offer of holiday time work experience via Highways England. A number of Leigh UTC students are keen to take up the opportunity.

Sincere thanks to the team at the Lower Thames Crossing Project; we look forward to building stronger ties in the future.

The Leigh UTC Quality In Careers Award

On Tuesday 24th January The Leigh UTC is proud to announce that they have passed the full Quality In Careers Standard Award, presented by Investors In Careers. Having worked so hard to support all their students, no matter what their requirements are, it is no surprise to have been awarded this National recognition for excellence in Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance.

Mr. Leahey, The Leigh UTC’s Principal responded, “I am delighted for us to receive this Award with the Investors In Careers. Our team does outstanding work across the academy and the wider Trust, to have this recognised is greatly appreciated”.

They will, of course, continue to deliver a brilliant service, maximizing their strengths and leading the way in many aspects of their work.


Year 7 and Year 8 Football Win

Massive congratulations to the year 7/8 Girls Football team who won their match against The Leigh Academy on Tuesday. The girls were victorious with a 9-0 win. Goals from Gracie Daniels, Ruya Shkri, Kellie-ann Bawor and Lillie-Mai Clarke. Well done girls!

Accelerated Reader

A huge congratulations to Max and John in year 7 receiving their 1 million words Accelerated Reader certificates this week.
Since September both students have read over 1 million words. John has read over an impressive 1,61,000 and Max an outstanding 1,900,000.
We hope that Max, along with a large number of year 7 and 8 students will be receiving their 2 million words certificate very soon!
A big well done! 

SPARK Project at the University of Kent

Last week, year 12 and year 13 students had the opportunity to be taken down to the Department of Physical Science at the University of Kent to learn about Astronomy and the search for variable stars and exoplanets.
The day involved a tour of the facilities, a practical demonstration of how to use a telescope and data reduction talks.
A great day was had by all with the academy receiving excellent feedback from SPARK project organiser Vicky Mason regarding our students.
Dear Mr Leahey, 
I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone involved over the past two days a huge thank you to the students and
teachers who came along to take part in our SPARK course.
The teachers were all fantastic, enthusiastic and encouraging, and very friendly.
The students were an absolute credit to the school, we really did put them through a tough two days, with huge amounts of information over long days and they really behaved fantastically with enthusiasm and respect, even during the long lectures.
The experience and feedback have been invaluable for us to move forward and I do hope that we could work together again to strengthen links between the University and Academy.
Many thanks for your hard work.

Positive Transformation Initiative Launch Dinner

On Thursday 10  January 2019 students and staff attended an inaugural dinner to launch The Positive Transformation initiative. Hosted by Dan Brown (Leigh UTC School Governor) the event was
a spectacular occasion held at the magnificent Rosewood Hotel in central London. Over 300 guests included Company directors, CEO’s and distinguished guests from big-name companies. With
fantastic food and great company, the evening did not disappoint.

The Positive Transformation Initiative is the accumulation of years of work by Dan Brown to bring together great people, people with the motivation and passion for change, people who are by the
nature of their position in the corporate world, political sphere or celebrity status able to make a change in society and the world around them. His goal, to bring people together and facilitate the
start of a process that drives measurable change in society and the world around us.

Dan Brown introduced some fantastic guest speakers. Sir Kenneth Olisa was brilliantly funny, interesting and really embodied the Positive Transformation Initiative. He was joined by Charlie
Rigby (Challenger Trust), Huw Prosser (Blooware Technologies), Ken Cowen (school of Hard Knocks) and Liberty King (sponsored Masters student studying in USA). Dan has a clear vision, stating the overarching goal here is to have a significant and measurable positive impact on everyone that is wanting to succeed in life, by enabling accelerated opportunity creation for every individual marginalised and held back through all forms of discrimination. To be clear, this is not about reinventing the wheel or dismissing the huge volume of amazing initiatives that have been launched all over the UK, initiatives that are positively impacting many people’s lives. This is about collaboration, communication and widening impact by raising awareness of existing programmes, connecting those organisations and individuals who combined will become stronger and introducing some new ideas that I believe will have a practical, measurable and accountable impact on society. The goal is to enable a more socially mobile society and develop a positively diverse environment for everyone wanting to achieve more for the world around them.
This applies not just to those of us today but also for future generations of all age groups regardless of ethnicity, gender, culture or background.

Students representing The Leigh UTC were Aman Mehta, Bruce Dias, Callum Leahey, Carter Collins, Tom Mason, Hubert Wdowik, Owen Bye and James Burch. Tom Mason said, “The evening was amazing and I am sure that this initiative will definitely change the way businesses and the education system work. Dan’s guidance and attitude towards education are infectious, in a good way, and I am sure that this will change many students lives for the better.