Sustainable Development Goal 7 – Renewable and Clean Energy day (19th September 2019)

Our first sustainable development goal of the academic year was a huge success. We were lucky enough to have Engineers from a number of different areas able to talk to us about Renewable and Clean Energy.
Phil from Tomorrow’s Engineers led a session for all year 7 students in our lecture theatre called Energy Quest. Connor Munday in year 7 said “The Engineering experience was really good. We made an electric car scale model. It taught me what I could be doing in the future.” Our year 7s have all had a taste for the sorts of learning experiences we enjoy at the Leigh UTC. Phil reflected afterwards that there were a large number of talented engineers in the year group and would be sure that some of the students could come up with great ideas for the Shell Bright Ideas challenge!
In year 8 and 9, students had an assembly and Q&A with Alex Hoss from London Array – an Offshore Windfarm engineering company. The Shell Bright Ideas challenge was also launched in Science lessons. Lillie-May Clarke Y8 said “In Computing we learned about lots of different types of Energy. The assembly was really good, the engineer made Windfarms very interesting and clear”. Chris in year 9 said “In Science lesson, we started the Shell Bright Ideas challenge, we came up with a greenhouse that detects when moisture levels are too low and adds water and is able to reflect some light when too much light is entering. It was also really interesting getting some information from Alex about Offshore windfarms, an industry that I’d never previously considered.”
David in Year 12 said “Before I was unsure if I wanted to go to university or to do an apprenticeship, since listening to the Windfarm engineer I have a better understanding of how I can progress after sixth form”. Some of our Year 13s had small group conversations with Sharon from UK Power Networks. Kofi in Year 13 “I liked having the in-depth conversation with Sharon from UK Power Networks who explained how she had progressed through a number of different roles to her position now where she oversees the whole of London’s power networks. Alex from London Array was able to talk through his recent experience of University and entry into the Offshore Windfarm industry which was really relevant to us at the moment.”
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Tomorrows Engineers Energy Quest Workshops at The Leigh UTC

As part of a whole school interdisciplinary day on affordable clean energy, year 7 students at The Leigh UTC benefitted from Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest workshops.

Working in small groups, students actively participated in a series of tasks designed to get them thinking about the many aspects of being an engineer and how the enquiring mind of
an engineer can be put to task to solve many of today’s issues such as the need for renewable and sustainable energies.

Funded by the charity Tomorrows Engineers, the workshops were facilitated by Phil Edwards of Weald Technology and supported by STEM Ambassador, Sharon from UK Power Networks.