BIG Bang Digital Fair 2020

During the Big Bang Digital Fair Blake and Jayson had the amazing opportunity to take part, speaking to renowned international scientists and posing questions about the coronavirus.
They asked the following questions:

Jayson – When do you think social distancing will become less of a priority in a school setting as it poses difficulty studying some of my subjects such as design technology and Engineering?

Blake – History shows that a global pandemic can occur every 100 years, such as the Spanish flu in 1918.  Learning from our current experience what would be the initial steps to protect people if it were to happen again sooner?

Both students enjoyed the opportunity to have their questions asked.

Year 7 and Year 8 students experiment with 3D CAD program TinkerCAD

We are extremely proud of our fantastic Year 7 and  Year 8 students who have been busy learning 3D CAD program TinkerCAD. This has been the first time that the students have used this programme and was set for the students as an extension activity following their lockdown projects. Students have been experimenting creating  and combining shapes and objects as well as importing and exporting files ready for 3D printing. We can not wait to build on these skills when we return to our Design and Technology lessons in September.  

Do Good This Summer

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