Free School Meals Voucher Scheme

The government today (Tuesday 31st March) has issued guidelines regarding vouchers for those children eligible for Free School Meals, but academies still await further information necessary to implement the scheme.
The vouchers will be available for those families that have registered as entitled to free school meals with their academy. The programme does not include infant children who have previously received a school meal under the universal infant meal programme, except where parents have additionally registered for Free School Meals with the academy.
Academies will send the first voucher on Monday 20th April and the current arrangements for providing Free School Meals will continue until Friday 3rd April. Please note that neither the Free School Meals arrangement nor the voucher scheme cover the designated Easter holiday period.

Dear Diary..

We would like to start the day by sharing Dylan’s diary entry that he has been keeping this week.

We would love to hear how everyone is getting on… please email these to letting us know if you are happy for us to share these on our social media/website.

Home Learning – 7V Science

We would like to share some amazing home learning of a Science Year 7 class set by Mrs Campbell.

Task: Yr 7V: Construct a model cell and describe what you have chosen to represent the organelles.

Mrs Campbell has set this task a few times in her school career and has never seen an avocado used!

Year 7 students have until the end of the week for this task to be complete.