Hardship Help Lines for Parents

An Emergency Hardship Fund has been launched in Kent to support families with children who have complex needs and who are facing increased challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

This Fund has been opened specifically to help those who already deal with the complex needs of their child or children and now also face increased challenges through reduced income from losing their job or being furloughed, with many also seeing an increase in expenditure as their children stay at home from school.

Families in need of funding support must be referred to the KCF through a professional third party who can nominate on their behalf. This could be a social worker, a GP, specialist doctor, occupational therapist or school teaching staff.

To learn more about the fund and making an application visit https://kentcf.org.uk. Applications via email should be sent to joanne@kentcf.org.uk.

The Leigh UTC Supporting Front Line Workers.

The Leigh UTC are also supporting the initiative to produce face shields for front line workers.

Several of the UTCs 3D printers are in use at staff homes being used to print visor parts to be used alongside the work of our students Max Leachman and Harley Sands.

It is great to know that these useful resources are not sitting idle whilst schools are closed and this technology can be put to good use in supporting Kent front line workers and helping to keep them safe.


3D print Face Shields for Frontline workers.

The Leigh UTC are extremely proud of the inspirational work two students have been doing during COVID19.
Max and Harley have recently both been involved in putting their Engineering skills to work helping to 3D print Face Shields for Frontline workers.
Both of them have been involved with makers from across the area as part of Kent 3D Printers Guild in the North Kent Face Shields project.
The Face Shields were designed in Europe with groups around the world getting involved. Max and Harley have both been involved in running their family printers during the project.
The group behind the Kent-based project have received donations from councils and individuals alike. Some of this funding has been used to bolster the number of printers available. Max has been involved in building one of the printers now being used.
When asked why they wanted to get involved:
Max said – “I wanted to do my part to help those who are helping us all during this pandemic!”
Harley – “I got involved to give protection to those people who needed shields to keep themselves safe, whilst doing their jobs helping others.”
Both of them, along with other volunteers have made nearly 4000 units and raised over £8000 so far’
#KeepingSafe #UTC #COVID19 #HelpingOthers

Home Learning Module 4 – Art

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. ☀️🏠

We want to share a creative piece of Year 7 Artwork, which we think you will agree, we have a budding artist in the making! 🎨 ✍️

Kristina created this incredible piece when learning about Sonia Delaunay and Kandinsky.

Kristina’s work always brings a smile to Miss Donnelly’s face!

#UTC #Art #Kandinsky #SoniaDelaunay #STEAM

Easter Activities

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to start off by congratulating all of our students for adapting so well, so quickly, to working from home. The level of engagement from our students has been excellent and we continue to be determined to ensure they are receiving the very best educational experiences, even if this is now from home in these unprecedented times.  Over the past two weeks we have given out an amazing total of 4975 of ClassChart points!!!! Well done everyone and keep up the hard work! 

We would also like to thank all parents not only for their kind words and messages of support for our teaching and support staff but for also working with us to ensure the students’ learning experiences continue. It is great for us to continue working together. Thank you. 

As we approach the Easter holidays we are mindful that usually this is a time for subjects to set home learning and for revision to start to take place, however some families may be finding things challenging at the moment. Therefore, we would like all students to ensure that they have completed any outstanding activities and acted upon teacher feedback given to them via the Google Classrooms. This will be essential to ensure students are providing evidence for their end of year assessments for all Key Stages. A further reminder about how to access this can be found on our Home Learning Guide for Families or by clicking on the following below link: http://theleighutc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/At-Home-Learning-Guide-for-Families-1.pdf

Please be aware that this was sent both digitally and physically sent home. 

To support families that would like some activities and fun things to do while at home, learning areas have been setting some exciting optional Easter opportunities through the ‘Co-Curricular’ sections of each Google Classroom for engaging projects and competitions. In addition to this we would like to invite all families to take part in the UTC Scavenger Hunt challenge. These are optional activities that could be suitable for the whole family should you wish to take part. Students can also receive ClassChart points for taking part and completing activities. To access these please check out our specially designed  UTC Scavenger Hunt Google site via http://bit.ly/utcscavenger. Students will need to log in to their school accounts to access some activities and complete the Google Forms. 

We are encouraging our teachers to also have a break over Easter with their families, therefore please do not be alarmed if they are not responding at the same fast pace that they have been over these past two weeks. 

Finally, please do send us in photos of your workstations and or extracts of your Diary entries as we are keen to share and celebrate these.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well and continue to stay at home and stay safe. 

Yours faithfully,

Steve Leahey