Annual Awards Event

The Leigh UTC 2020 annual student awards poster

This Monday we were thrilled to host our Annual Awards Event. This is an event which celebrates the achievements of some of our outstanding students and has run every year since we opened sponsored by our business partners. Normally held in November, students from the previous Year 10 and Year 12 are nominated by teachers.

Things were a little scaled down this year but we were keen for the students to receive their awards and so invited them to the event to receive the award from Clive Barker, one of our Governors.

The beautiful and very heavy awards you can see in the photos were made by one of our business partners, Kenard.

Many congratulations to the following students for receiving their awards:

STEM Year 10 Male – Blake

STEM Year 10 Female- Rhianna

Engineering Year 10 Male- Oliver

Engineering Year 10 Female- Georgia

Outstanding Achievement Year 10- Steven

Computer Science Year 12- Taylor

Enterprise Year 12- Kai

Design Year 12- Harry

Engineering Year 12- Joshua

STEM Year 12- Ryan

Outstanding Achievement Year 12- Luke

We look forward to having another ceremony in November.