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Technical, Academic, Professional pathway information


Technical Pathway

Students who have followed the Technical Pathway have chosen many different (higher education or career paths) pathways at aged 18.

Amelia studied Engineering and started on a Level 4 Degree Apprenticeship programme with one of our business partners.

Joseph also studied the Technical Baccalaureate Computing pathway and got a degree apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions with First Databank and Exeter University

William left the UTC to work for Microsoft doing an IT apprenticeship.

Riedwan is studying Civil Engineering at Nottingham Trent University after completing his Technical Baccalaureate.


Academic Pathway

Ross studied the academic route which included Engineering, maths and physics and is studying a Masters in Maths at Leeds University.  Similarly Bruce is at Exeter University studying for a Masters in Physics

Joseph and Kofi were both interested in Engineering and took the academic pathway, and are studying Mechanical and Civil Engineering at Loughborough and Aston. Damola is at Loughborough doing a degree in Manufacturing Engineering.


Professional Pathway

Robbie completed his IBCP and was successful in gaining an apprenticeship with Berkeley Homes.

Bethany also completed the professional pathway and is studying Product Design at Bournemouth University.