Braving the Shave

A student with her hair in small braids

As you may be aware Courtney in year 9 is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia.  She is receiving treatment and care at the Medway Maritime Hospital.

Courtney has now lost all of her hair as a result of her treatment and has been provided with a beautiful new wig to help her through these difficult times.

Holly, Courtney’s best friend, is about to undertake something we consider to be an amazing gesture and show of solidarity and support for her friend. On Thursday 1st April, Holly donated ALL of her hair to the Princesses Trust who have supported Courtney in providing her new hairpiece, In turn Holly wanted to give something back to them by ‘braving the shave‘.

We have decided to support Holly in this amazing gesture and also provide her the opportunity to fundraise for the hospital that has been supporting Courtney at this time. 

Holly has raised a total of £462.00.