Business Mentoring

The aim of The Leigh UTC’s business mentoring programme is for the students to develop self-confidence, self awareness, self esteem and improve progress in their academic studies, raise their aspirations of their own academic potential, future career and employment opportunities.  The programme is open to students across all age groups.

The mentoring programme gives each student access to a business professional who will expose them to career pathways and to develop a sense of wellbeing.  Each mentor is asked to commit to the programme for at least one academic year, one session per term (6 in total) lasting approximately one hour per session.

From a business point-of-view, the mentoring programme provides employees of local businesses an opportunity to develop their own coaching and mentoring skills whilst providing a student with invaluable support and guidance, often becoming a key person in that students’ support network.

Prior to the start of the mentoring programme, The Leigh UTC holds an initial training session for mentors which includes training on safeguarding children as well as carrying out statutory DBS checks required for working with children.

Mentees are identified by The Leigh UTC and invited to be part of the programme with the consent of Parents/Carers. Mentors will ideally mentor two students and will be provided with a ‘pen portrait’ of each mentee, completed by the student themselves.  The Leigh UTC carefully matches each student to a mentor who will be able to provide the most valuable support.

An evaluation of the programme is completed at end of the academic year which is used to improve the mentoring programme for the following year.

If you are interested in your business taking part in The Leigh UTC business mentoring programme please contact us.