Chromebook launch – 12th January 2022

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Dear Parents/Carers,
Re: Chromebook Launch Week – Monday 17th January

We’re very excited about the fact that we are nearly ready to progress on to the next stage of our digital strategy. Over the last month we have been working hard to ensure that every student in the academy has access to a Chromebook device that can be used in lessons and at home. We are now in a position to focus on enhancing the Chromebook experience in lessons. With every student in the classroom now having access to their own device teachers will have increased opportunities to use various interesting digital tools to support student learning.

Monday 17th January will mark the start of our Chromebook launch week. From this date every student will be expected to bring their Chromebook device, fully charged, to the academy every day, not just for the launch week but indefinitely. If a student forgets their device, or has not ensured it was charged, a negative point will be logged. If they receive three negative points they will be issued with a DoL detention. It is essential that students are bringing their device every day so that they can successfully engage with the lesson activities that require them.

If there is an issue with your child’s device please contact and we can advise you what can be done depending on the scheme it has been provided through. 

We are looking forward to our Chromebook launch week and driving forward the effective use of devices in lessons to enhance learning. We will celebrate their use through our social media channels during the week.

Yours faithfully,

Mr K O’Donnell
Assistant Principal & Digital Lead