Easter Traditions in Germany

A typical German Easter display, created by the students

Students have been learning about Ostern in Deutschland: they have been exploring the Easter traditions that take place in Germany!  From learning about what is traditionally eaten at Easter – fish on Good Friday, and the traditional Ostersonntag: Osterlamm (a cake that is shaped like a lamb) on Easter Sunday; to the Osterfeuer (big Easter bonfires that are shaped like an Easter egg), students have enjoyed taking part in some of these German traditions.

While students did not engage in some of the bigger traditions such as the Osterfeuer, they did participate in the traditions of painting Ostereier (Easter eggs), and creating Ostereierbaum & Osterstrauß (beautiful Easter egg trees and bouquets). These photos show just some of the beautifully painted eggs and Easter egg trees that our students have created: not to forget the delicious Osterlamm cake that our very own Mrs Schackmar-Gilbane cooked! Lots of fun was had by all, and well done to all involved.