Forces and Pressure

Drey in Year 7 has been busy in science completing work on Forces and Pressure. Well Done Drey!

Forces and Pressures

  • I pushed my chair in when I got up
  • I pushed my pedals when riding my bike
  • I pulled my handlebars to stop my bike
  • I held my glass to drink my drink
  • I held my plate taking my dinner to the table
  • I stood up after I finished my lunch
  • I sat down to do my school work
  • I held my knife and fork when eating my lunch

Mass & Weight

Mass is a measure of how much matter there is in an object, while weight is a measure of the size of the pull of gravity on the object. Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Mass is measured in kilograms (kg). Weight is a force due to the pull of gravity on an object.

It’s important to remember that mass is different from weight. Mass always stays the same, while weight changes with changes in gravity.