Half Term Sessions Y11 and Lesson 6

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Dear Parent/Carer,

As you know, this term ends on Friday 16th October and after an extremely busy term we are looking forward to the usual two week half term break. During this time we have implemented a curriculum recovery plan, consisting of 2 sessions, morning and afternoon through Monday to Thursday for all students in Y11. It is imperative that parents, students and staff work together to ensure each and every one of our students has the opportunity to be successful and achieve their best potential. I am expecting all students to attend these sessions. Students are required to bring their own pack lunch as they will not be allowed off site. Please confirm your son/daughter attendance by replying to info@theleighutc.org.uk.  

We are extremely excited to offer The Youth Construction Trust Programme during the half term, which includes a one-hour GMeet session delivered to our students. It is a virtual World of Work Programme, reviewing Transferable Skills and how to excel during a job application, Career Pathways and Networking, Sustainability and Engineering in Construction.

Start of New Term – The UTC will do everything it can to ensure your child is ready for their GCSEs hence we are going to introduce lesson 6 from Module 2 which means that school finish time for Y11 students for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be 4pm. All students in Y11 will have period 6 for English (Mon), Maths (Tues) and Science (Thurs) starting from 2nd November 2020. 

The new term starts on Monday 2nd November at 8.30am and I look forward to welcoming students back for another exciting term. 


Yours faithfully,

Sweety Rekhi | Assistant Principal