Inspiration Academy Year 7 Chromebook 1-2-1 Loan Scheme

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Dear Parent/Carer,

We are delighted to be able to inform you that we are now in a position to be able to distribute a Chromebook to every Year 7 student at the Inspiration Academy through our 1-2-1 scheme. We believe that having the use of a Chromebook in the academy and being able to take the device home will be invaluable in supporting your son/daughter in their studies throughout their education at the Inspiration Academy.

If you would like to voluntarily contribute to this scheme, we would really welcome the gesture. To do this, you can make a payment by using ParentPay;  donations can be as little as £5 per module or a one off donation of £30.

These devices are pre-enrolled and labelled with the students’ names. The loan end date is February 2024 when these devices will be recalled and new devices allocated, which will remain with the student until the end of Year 11.

Before the distribution and receipt of the Chromebook there are some points I would ask that you read with your son/daughter and take into consideration:

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students will be expected to bring the Chromebook to the academy each day fully charged for use in lessons.
  • Students will be expected to keep their Chromebook on them at all times. The Academy will take no responsibility for loss on the school premises.
  • Students will use their best endeavours to look after the device and not accessorise or otherwise alter the appearance of the Chromebook in any way.
  • Students will be able to continue with online work from home in the case of any periods of absence from the academy.
  • Students should only use the Chromebooks for class activities as directed by a teacher and for no other purpose. When not in use, students must keep their Chromebooks closed on the desk or in their bag.
  • Any and all damage to the Chromebook must be reported to the Inspiration Academy Administrator at the academy reception on the day of or next academy day.

Parent/Carer Actions:

  • The Chromebook is fully insured BUT you may be asked to pay an excess via ParentPay each time the insurance policy is activated e.g. for damage or loss.
  • A charger lead will be provided with the Chromebook however this is not covered by the insurance policy so must remain at home. If the charger lead were to become lost or broken it will be necessary for you to purchase a replacement.
  • We recommend that if possible, you purchase a Chromebook cover/case to protect the device and also ensure your child has a school bag big enough to carry the Chromebook and all the usual school equipment to and from the academy each day.

Next steps:

You may wish to read these documents before arriving on site to receive the Chromebook and sign the agreement.

  • Only the Parent/Carer must collect the device in person from the Inspiration Academy. We ask that only one adult per family attend to collect the device.
  • Parents/Carers will be able to collect the devices week commencing 20th September 2021. Further communication will be sent out regarding specific dates and time slots depending on your childs form.
  • Parents/Carers will need to present a photo ID when collecting the device and be ready to sign the agreement as mentioned above.
  • Parents/Carers will enter the site through the main entrance and collect the Chromebook from the reception area. The reception will be open to collect your Chromebook at your designated time slot.

Inspiration Academy:

  • Will provide the device to the Parent/Carer for the student’s use in accordance with the agreement.
  • Will provide guidance in lessons to ensure that students are fully aware of how best to use the G-Suite to support them in their learning.
  • Will support students in the future with any claims and communicate with parents/carers if the need arises.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Inspiration Academy Administrator Chromebook administrator on  Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions you may have.

Yours faithfully,

Mr D Freeman | Head of College


Frequently Asked Questions

If your child leaves the Academy before the end of the agreement the Chromebook will need to be returned to the academy.

This scheme is only for the year 7 2021 cohort, however it will continue to be rolled out to forthcoming year 7 cohorts over the next five years.

By informing the academy we can arrange for a stand in device to be given to you whilst your device is repaired. If a repair is not possible then a replacement will be provided. There will be a £25 excess for each insurance claim.

During the term of your agreement the Chromebook remains the property of Leigh Academies Trust. On completion of the first agreement, 2024, the Chromebook will be returned and replaced for all students to be given new Chromebooks for the final two years within the Academy.