Launch of the Reward Shop at The Leigh UTC

Organised desk of stationery

Dear Leigh UTC student,

Throughout the year, many of you have worked incredibly hard and shown high levels of resilience. It is important to us that we continue to celebrate your achievements. Many of you have received certificates celebrating milestones such as 100 Bromcom points, some of you have even managed to achieve 200 Bromcom points. Congratulations to those of you who continue to achieve wonderful things and make outstanding progress throughout the academic year. Normally at the UTC, students who achieve sufficient points are invited on our end of year reward trips. It is unlikely that these will happen in the same way this year although we will do what we can to celebrate our annual successes in July.

I am excited to announce another way to celebrate your successes; through the implementation of our new rewards shop! The new rewards shop allows you to use your Bromcom points as currency to exchange their points for items/vouchers available on this website.

In order to use the website, students need to do the following:

  1. Login to the ‘Student Portal’ and look at how many positive and negative points they have currently earned (subtract the negative points from the positive),
  2. Visit the Leigh UTC student portal and rewards shop here and choose how they would like to exchange their points
  3. Complete the form at the bottom of the website using their school email address.

This information will also be shared with your parents via My Child at School.

You may choose to try to save your points as there will be another opportunity to spend points later in the academic year.


Yours faithfully,

Neil Arnould

Head of College – The Leigh UTC