Online Booking Appointment Year 10 Parent Teacher Evening

Father And Teenage Son Having Discussion With Female Teacher At High School Parents Evening

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to invite you to attend our Year 10 Parent and Teacher Evening on Wednesday 14th July 2021 – 2:30pm – 6.30pm.  The Parent-teacher appointments will give you the opportunity to work together with your son/daughter’s teacher to review progress to date and make a plan for success moving forwards. It is hugely important to the success of our young people that we all work together in the crucial year ahead and these meetings will provide a springboard to do so. 

Please note students will be allowed to leave school early on this day at 1:40pm to allow teachers to get ready for the evening and to allow students to get home and attend with you. Students are expected to attend the appointments.

Mr Young, our new KS4 Director of Learning, has prepared a video to introduce the event and his role in supporting our students. 

Please try to book appointments with all subject teachers to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the progress made to date, exam results and the plan for next steps. Students have been doing exams this week and these were planned to be completed sooner; but due to a number of students needing to self-isolate, exams run right up to the 12th July. We hope that the vast majority of the assessments can be discussed at your appointments and we will try to accelerate the marking process to facilitate this.

SchoolCloud Parents’ Evening Booking

Due to the restrictions imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Year 10 evening will take place virtually using our new SchoolCloud system.  SchoolCloud allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers, which are confirmed via an accompanying email.   

To book appointments, please visit: You will find attached to this letter a parental information guide on how to book appointments easily or go to the following link for more information:

Appointments are available to book from Wednesday 30th June at 2pm. Should you wish to make any changes after this date or are unable to book appointments please contact Mrs Catanho, our Year 10  Administrator:


Yours faithfully

Mr Neil Arnold | Head of College