Dress code

Student Dress Code – The Leigh UTC and Inspiration Academy

From September 2020, the dress code for Y7 – 9 (Inspiration Academy) and Y10 – 13 (The Leigh UTC) will be different. 

The Leigh UTC and Inspiration Academy holds professionalism and a businesslike approach at the heart of everything that we do. It is important that all students have a smart and businesslike appearance throughout the day; this includes when they travel to and from the Academy. Additionally, students will have to comply with health and safety regulations as well as wearing clothes that suit our environment.

The following dress code/Uniform policy takes the above into consideration but also allows students to show a level of individuality and the need to effectively represent The Leigh UTC / Inspiration Academy in the local community and workplace. We believe that all students should take pride in their appearance. Smart dressing conveys positive feelings in terms of commitment and attitude to work and it also enables students to show that they fully embrace the UTC’s ethos.