Dress code

At The Leigh UTC it is important that you have a smart and business-like appearance but we are also aware that students will have to comply with health and safety regulations as well as wearing clothes that fit the environment they are working in.

The following dress code takes the above into consideration but also allows students to show a level of individuality and the need to effectively represent The Leigh UTC in the local community and workplace. We believe that all students should take pride in their appearance. Smart dressing conveys positive feelings in terms of commitment and attitude to work and it also enables students to show that they fully embrace the UTC’s ethos. This dress code will allow you to choose clothing from a wide range of retail outlets rather than confining you to a uniform shop.

This is a short list of what we require you to wear:

Jackets or blazers must be worn at all times.

Male students

  • A smart business suit (black for years 7-9)
  • A blazer/ tailored jacket with co-ordinating trousers
  • Smart business shirt
  • Tie/ bow tie
  • Shoes must be formal and smart (no boots, canvas shoes or trainers)
  • No sports jumpers to be worn over shirts

Female students

  • A smart business suit (black for years 7-9)
  • A blazer/ tailored jacket with co-ordinating trousers, skirt or dress. Skirts and dresses must be of a suitable length i.e. on the knee
  • Smart blouse / top any colour, no strappy or off the shoulder tops (girls)
  • Smart skirt/dress (skirts should be worn on the knee)
  • Shoes must be formal and smart (no boots, trainers or canvas shoes) with a low heel


Hairstyles that look professional while also supporting effective and safe participation in all UTC activities. The dying, high or low lighting of hair in natural hair colours is fine. Students in years 7-9 are not permitted to wear make-up.


Due to the nature of the UTC and it’s specialisms, jewellery should be kept to a minimum, consistent with good taste and safety. Apart from pierced ears, no other facial jewellery is permitted. Ear stretchers are definitely not permitted.


For Sport and Leisure

Please note that the sports kit and lab-coats can be purchased from our uniform supplier Brigade Clothing.

  • Colour PE top with logo* (choice of 3 colours)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or shorts
  • Trainers
  • Sports Socks
  • Coloured hoodie with logo* (choice of 3 colours)

For the Workplace

  • White lab coat with logo*
  • Safety specs
  • Appropriate protective footwear

Please note items marked with * will need to be purchased through our uniformsupplier.