Post-16 – Business & Employer Engagement

The local business community plays a key role within The Leigh UTC, ranging from business mentoring to actually sponsoring the college.

Businesses needs to employ well educated young people with the right attitude – and education needs to understand and deliver the skills and attributes that businesses want.

The world of technology and computing is ever-changing and the continuously developing skills that businesses require need to be updated and communicated to the world of education regularly. Academic and technical skills alone are not enough – there’s a need for personal skills that create a well-rounded person ready for the world of work.

This can only be successfully achieved through a close and genuine working relationship between business and education.

“Leaders have made very intelligent use of their existing links and education business-brokering expertise to draw in an ever-wider net of employers. These employers play an increasingly significant part in enriching the curriculum and supporting pupils’ successful progression into careers that match their aspirations.”

The Leigh UTC Ofsted Inspection,  1st and 2nd February

“Employers and business mentors help pupils gain insight and experience of industry and the careers they might pursue. The careers adviser guides pupils to the options available and their best next steps. All pupils who left in Year 11 or Year 13 last year progressed into further study, employment or training. A notable number went on to higher-level engineering and IT apprenticeships.”

The Leigh UTC Ofsted Inspection,  1st and 2nd February


Business Mentoring

The aim of The Leigh UTC’s business mentoring programme is for the students to develop self-confidence, self awareness, self esteem and improve progress in their academic studies, raise their aspirations of their own academic potential, future career and employment opportunities.  The programme is open to students across all age groups, however has proven to make the most impact with our Post Sixteen Students.

The mentoring programme gives each student access to a business professional who will expose them to career pathways and to develop a sense of wellbeing.  Each mentor is asked to commit to the programme for at least one academic year, one session per term (6 in total) lasting approximately one hour per session.

From a business point-of-view, the mentoring programme provides employees of local businesses an opportunity to develop their own coaching and mentoring skills whilst providing a student with invaluable support and guidance, often becoming a key person in that students’ support network.

Prior to the start of the mentoring programme, The Leigh UTC holds an initial training session for mentors which includes training on safeguarding children as well as carrying out statutory DBS checks required for working with children.