Post Results Services

The following Post Results Services are available from the examination boards:

  • Access to Marked Exam Scripts

You can ask for a priority copy of your exam script(s) before deciding whether to ask for a re-mark. You may instead ask for a non-priority copy of your exam script for general interest but, if you do, you cannot ask for a re-mark later.

  • Clerical Check

You can ask for a full clerical check of your exam script. A check will be made to see that all parts of your script have been marked, that the marks on the script have been correctly totalled and correctly recorded.

  • Re-mark

Whether initially you request your script or not you may apply to have your exam paper re-marked by a senior examiner if you feel an error has been made. A full clerical check will also be made. Please note: Priority Re-marks are only available to Year 13 students whose place in higher education is dependent upon the outcome.