Principal – end of another year

Dear parents / carers,

It is hard to believe that The Leigh UTC will be going into its 5th year since opening in 2014.  Over the last 4 years I have had the pleasure to witness firsthand the difference we are making to the local and national labour market through our students destinations and our expanding alumni. We wait in anticipation for our GCSE and Post 16 results in August, we know how important these events are to all our students as it can open doors to Universities, apprenticeships and for those who want to remain in Post 16 education.  Many of our staff also turn up to share in the successes of our students and to provide support on the next steps.

For those looking to enroll at the UTC then we will be accepting applications on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th August.

I am really looking forward to welcoming our new year 7 in September, Our Inspiration Academy looks and feels fantastic creating an exciting environment to work in.  The parents must also think the same as we have had numerous enquiries to the point where we now have waiting lists. The future looks extremely bright as there is high interest for the following year, starting September 2019.  

As The Leigh UTC / Inspiration Academy expands the challenge of recruiting high quality teaching across STEM subjects remains a priority, that said for the 3rd year in a row we will not have any supply teachers and will continue to draw upon existing expertise along with a few new faces.  As in previous years I would like to thank those staff leaving us at the end of this term for their hard work and commitment in making sure we remain the most successful UTC in the country. As with all these things, nothing is possible without the parents support, ensuring information is gathered and  shared on a regular basis so we can provide a tailored education for your child. Please refer to our policies and procedures on the website for additional information, logins and calendar of events.

Here are a few highlights of this module:

The Leigh UTC, IBCP business breakfast

The latest Leigh UTC business breakfast was hosted by Year 12 IBCP students on Wednesday 23rd May. Held in the boardroom of the newly built Inspiration Academy, guests from a variety of sectors were ably guided through the attributes of IBCP students.

The International Baccalaureate has long been recognised for its value in giving a well-rounded education and producing successful, highly able individuals. The UTC is one of a few schools in the UK to take on its Careers-related Program (IBCP), a bespoke course which aims to prepare students for the workplace, while also providing them with the skills that the IB programme is so widely recognised for.

IBCP students strive to be:

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-Minded
  • Caring
  • Risk-Takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

As part of their serviced learning, students had arranged the event and all guests agreed that they had successfully executed their task with the breakfast concluding with a tour of both the Inspiration Academy and The Leigh UTC.

Greenpower at Goodwood Racetrack

On Sunday the 10th of June six students from the Leigh UTC took part in the the biggest race of the Greenpower race calendar so far. Greenpower is an international competition which requires students to design, build and then race and electric racing car. The event, which was held at Goodwood Racetrack and featured over 100 schools from around the country. Our students competed in both of the races, working as a team to perform fixes to the car, change over batteries and manage driver changes. The students placed in the top half of the country overall, and inside the top 20 for their vehicle class. They were also the highest placed UTC. A great achievement for their first time running a new and untested Greenpower car.

Youth mentorship celebration at The Leigh UTC

Thursday 14th June saw The Leigh UTC host a celebration of this years youth mentorship scheme. 16 of the academy’s current mentors attended along with 30 of the students who have benefitted from this years scheme (actual numbers of mentors and mentees is larger).

Facilitated by the Student Services team, mentors were shown a video of students’ evaluation as well as having the opportunity of discussing the effectiveness of this years work. Many of The Leigh UTC business mentors have participated in more than one previous scheme and look forward to returning again in September.

Students and their mentors enjoyed the opportunity to network over refreshments.

One delegate, Clive Hawkins, Director of Highbank Communications tweeted post event “Delighted to support The leigh UTC and help mentor their students”

Local businesses interested in participating in this scheme should contact

Steve Leahey Principal

I am extremely proud of the industry engagement at the UTC.  The business mentoring programme epitomises this, with a programme that adds real value for all involved.Having an opportunity for our mentors to feedback is so important as we continue to grow the programme. The student evaluation video was very powerful and verifies this as a programme we continue to invest in.

Bloodhound Regional Finals

This year the Inspiration Academy @ The Leigh UTC have taken part in a national competition ‘Race for the Line’ as part of their Design and Engineering curriculum. This is the third year the competition has been in operation in the UK with 420 participating secondary schools, 10,000 STEM teachers and 75,000 students directly engaged with the event. The Race for the Line competition requires students to work in small teams together to shape a styrofoam block with strict restrictions on the size to make it as aerodynamic as possible. Students also have the opportunity to develop their own designs for the wheels and manufacture them from a material of their choice. Once complete, their car is propelled over a fixed distance by a rocket and quite simply, the fastest car wins!

Stage one was to compete against each other as a school, the army came in to help fire the rocket cars and after some nail biting moments and a hugely exciting STEM day for all of our year 7’s, team Metronic X consisting of Jake Whiteman, Thomas Argent, Yahya Furrukh and Jacob Woodhouse won the competition at the school stage progressing them to the regional finals at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich on the 10th May. At the regional finals the boys were only allowed to take the wheels they would like to use for the race and the tools to manufacture their car. The shaping of the car had to be done on the day under timed conditions with no adult

input at all, the pressure was on but once again they succeeded and qualified through to the national finals at RAF Wittering in Peterborough on the 28th June 2018.

HRH The Countess of Wessex joined us at the impressive setup for the finals at RAF Wittering, the armed services and learning partnership had organised a fantastic day for the teams. There was a STEM activity village on site, building areas for each team in the aircraft hangar, coaches to the other side of the base where the races were to commence, they were running six cars in every race for a very nail biting final. Team Metronic X’s car did very well in their final race, going so fast it had battle scars of its own to contend with after, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed their day out.

Around the race final they had brought in a full static aircraft and equipment display that the students could interact with before and after the races. We were privileged enough to have three incredible air displays, acrobatics from a flying tutor, the Battle of Britain memorial flight in the Hurricane and finally the Red Arrows finished the day off with a spectacular 20 minute display concluding with a special new maneuver to mark the centenary year of the RAF.


Group Captain Tony Keeling OBE, Station Commander at RAF Wittering addressed the finalists at the end of the day, “STEM is critically important to modern life, with scientists and engineers playing a major role in almost all major advances in medicine, transport, communications and other walks of life. For the Royal Air Force, technology and innovation have been at the heart of our story since the service was formed in 1918. We are particularly proud to host the even in our centenary year, which is also the governments year of engineering. We are also very privileged to have HRH Countess of Wessex joining us on this special occasion. We hope that the event inspires young children to study STEM subjects and consider a career in a STEM field. Congratulations for making the final.”

We couldn’t be prouder of the team for being true ambassadors to the Inspiration Academy and Leigh UTC throughout the whole competition. Well done Jake, Tom, Yahya and Jacob!

Year 10 Induction Evening September 2018 Students It was great to see our new year 10’s at yesterday’s induction event.  They got a real taste of what it is like studying at the UTC with sessions in Computer Science, Art and Design, Finance, DT and SPDM. They all looked amazing in their business dress too.


Thursday 12th July saw the second annual LAT Awards take place at Strood Academy. It was a glittering, red-carpet event to celebrate the achievements of some of our very best staff and governors. Nominees were put forward by their colleagues and winners were decided by an independent panel of judges.

The evening started with a prosecco reception and was followed by dinner provided by Cucina and entertainment from Donnel, a sixteen year old exceptional pianist from The Halley Academy in Greenwich.

Master of ceremonies for the evening was the Trust’s Deputy CEO, Neil Willis. Nominated staff and their guests watched the Trust’s latest video featuring CEO, Simon Beamish, promoting its first ten years as an organisation.

Prizes were presented after dinner by senior LAT executives and Directors with the support of Nicola Everett from kmfm. A closing speech was delivered by LAT’s Chairman, Bob Findlay. Award winners were as follows

During our last week year 7 students had KS3 Computer Science Nominations for good work, effort and best mobile phone applications produced for e-safety. 25 pupils were among the nominees including the top 6 awards.

3 girls and 3 boys were nominated for top 6 apps and gift cards provided to them from top £15 gift card Restaurant (nandos), £15 gift card (ask italian), the rest were £10 vouchers from amazon. There were two special nominations one boy and a girl those who were given additional awards. The rest of the pupils received chocolates and post cards for their hard work and attempt.

A huge well done to all of our Year 7 with their end of year awards. Students were rewarded for representing the school in a wide range of sporting competitions and consistently demonstrating the IB learner profile values throughout their studies.

Special recognition to the 27 Inspiration academy students that took part in the UK National Maths challenge and particularly well done to Harry Fullagar who not only won a Gold award but also best in school and best in competition.

I do hope everyone has an enjoyable summer and comes back refreshed and ready to come back on Monday 3rd September 8:30 – 14:45 Year 7 & Year 10, Tuesday 4th September 8.30 – normal day – years 7, 8, 10, 11 and Thursday normal day for all years.