Relationships & Sex Education

Three Leigh UTC students are pictured working at a desk. Two use laptop computers and one uses a pen.

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you may already be aware, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), along with Health Education, now forms part of the National Curriculum.

As part of our school’s wider Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme, your child will receive lessons on relationships, sexual health and personal safety from September 2021 as part of the tutor time programme.

Schools are required to consult with parents when developing and reviewing their policies for Relationships Education and RSE, which will inform schools’ decisions on when and how certain content is covered. I have attached the draft RSE policy which has been shared with and agreed with the school’s leadership team and governing board.

The purpose of the RSE curriculum is to provide knowledge and understanding of safe and healthy relationships based on respect. This is to encourage the development of safe and healthy relationships throughout life. The subject is designed to help children from all backgrounds build positive and safe relationships, and to thrive in modern Britain.

You do have the right to withdraw your child from sex education delivered as part of RSE in secondary schools which, unless there are exceptional circumstances, will be granted up to three terms before your child turns 16. At this point, if the child themselves wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school should make arrangements for this to happen in one of the three terms before the child turns 16 – the legal age of sexual consent. Please see the attached information from the DFE outlining why this education is important for your child. Details for how to withdraw your child, if you wish to do so, will be sent out in the September term. 

There is no right to withdraw from Relationships Education at secondary level and we believe the content of these subjects – such as family, friendship, safety (including online safety) – are important for all children to be taught. We are confident you will share our enthusiasm for the successful implementation of the new PSHE curriculum, which we feel will benefit all of our students. 

You are welcome to contact me to discuss the programme further. Please email with “RSE Policy” as the subject. 

Yours sincerely,

Ms Sophie Dickinson

Assistant Principal


Relationships & Sex Education Policy (draft)