Remembrance Day Service

Today the Leigh UTC held a service for Remembrance day.

All students and staff across the UTC took part in the service and 2 minute silence along with special guests: Clive Barker – Vice Chair of Governors, Steve Leahey – Principal, Frank Pendergast – Parachute Reigment, Bill Gladden – 6th Airborne, Armoured Reece Regiment and Alec Borrie – SAS member.

At the end of the service students were able to ask our guests questions about what it was like to be Paratrooper regiment and to serve for our country.
We would like to take this opporutnity to thank our guests for taking part in our very special ceremony.

Keep an eye out on BBC South East tonight at 6.30pm as the service was filmed and will be shown tonight.

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