Routes to Success 2020

Routes to Success 2020
This week, as part of National Careers Week, students have started their Routes to Success fortnight. Throughout the fortnight, students have a number of presentations from external providers to allow them a clear understanding of the opportunities available to them when they leave the Leigh UTC in 2021.
This week students have attended a keynote lecture given by James Gardner of Sinclair & Rush. James’ engaging and informative presentation gave students a clear insight into how to be successful in the world of business. James gave students a range of practical tips and strategies that they can start to use now in preparation for their future. Students commented that this was the best talk they’d ever attended at The UTC, so was a fantastic way to start the fortnight.
12 students had the fantastic opportunity to attend the National Apprenticeships Show at Sandown Park Racecourse. This allowed students to network and gain valuable insight into the world of apprenticeships. The rest of the students attended a workshop provided by Rebekah Shaxted from ASK Apprenticeships. Rebekah provided students with a valuable and balanced view of the apprenticeship view and what to expect when applying for apprenticeships.
The event is also being supported by Canterbury Christchurch university who are delivering three presentations on student life, personal statements and student finance so that students are fully aware of the options available.
Our fortnight is also being sponsored by three companies: Cory Riverside Energy, Balfour Beatty and Sparshatts: Mercedes. Each company has provided students with a mock role to apply for. All students will complete an application this week that will be passed on to the company of their choice. Applications are due on Friday lunch time. Representatives from all three companies are coming in on Thursday 12th March to interview students in the style of a real interview. They will also provide students with feedback on their applications and interview skills. As preparation for this, we have a recruitment company, Pearson Whiffen, coming in to train students this week.
Please talk to students about their experiences over the next few weeks as these are fantastic opportunities.