Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 9th February

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Dear Parent / Carer,

The pandemic has taught us what a positive impact that the internet can have in education. We are continuing to learn effectively through virtual classrooms that we attend through websites acting as virtual corridors. Our teachers are still very real and present but are completing their role admirably through a live online lesson. 

The Leigh UTC has recently been able to celebrate achieving the accolade of being a National Online Safety certified school. This means that our governors, parents and teachers have all been accessing resources and using to gain a greater understanding of how we can support our school community to be safe on the internet.

We’ve been highlighting a video of the week since November and large numbers of parents are watching. As we approach Safer Internet day, we are asking parents to complete a free ‘Online safety course’. Parents who complete the course will be emailed a certificate. Students whose parents complete the course will be awarded with 5 positive points!

If you have already registered, simply go to and enter your credentials. 

 click here to register now

Online safety guide for parents of children's aged 11-14
Online safety guide for parents of children's aged 14-18

Find the courses pictured above (either through the search function or by scrolling through the options) can be completed any time between now and half term. You will receive your certificate straight away and points will be added to Bromcom at the end of the term. 

In order to access our featured video of the week, select ‘Explainer videos’ and choose “Parents course: Online safety for pupils aged 11-14 OR Online safety for pupils aged 14-18”

We hope you enjoy the resource and that it allows you to support your child to stay safe online.

Yours faithfully,

Neil Arnould | Vice Principal 

Upcoming videos of the week

Week 1 18/11/2020 An Introduction to Online Bullying
Week 2 25/11/2020 An Introduction to Social Media
Week 3 02/12/2020 An Introduction to Mental Health & Wellbeing
Week 4 09/12/2020 An Introduction to Online Information
Week 5 16/12/2020 An Introduction to Technology & Devices
Week 6 06/01/2021 An Introduction to Identity & Self Image
Week 7 13/01/2021 An Introduction to Online Racism
Week 8 20/01/2021 An Introduction to Screen Grabs
Week 9 27/01/2021 An Introduction to Online Banter
Week 10 03/02/2021 An Introduction to Trolling & Online Abuse
Week 11 09/02/2021 Parents course: Online safety for pupils aged 11-14 OR Online safety for pupils aged 14-18