Statement from Leigh Academies Trust (Friday 20th March 2020)

Dear Parent and Carers

A survey will be made available this morning via a link on your child’s academy’s website to identify whether you are a ‘key worker’ as recently provided in the government document.  We will need this information urgently to help us to plan effectively.

The survey asks you to identify if you will require child care from Monday 23rd March. There is an opportunity to specify in this survey whether you need this child care to continue through the Easter holiday period.

We have also been asked to provide child care for ‘vulnerable children’ should parents require it. The children matching this definition are those that:

  • Have a Social Worker;
  • Have an Education Health and Care Plan; and
  • Are looked after by the Local Authority.

Academies will contact parents today who fall into these categories to offer further guidance about this provision.

The Trust’s strategy to provide child care will come in two phases:
Phase 1: Will involve your child attending their own academy to receive child care.
Phase 2: Will be implemented if staffing levels become challenging. This is likely to involve hub-based provision where your child will need to attend another nearby LAT academy.

All pupils not receiving child care should access online educational resources as set out in recent communications from your child’s academy Principal.

Further details regarding arrangements at your child’s academy, including those related to the availability of Free School Meals for those that are eligible, will be provided today by the academy’s Principal.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Willis

Chief Operating Officer