Leigh Academies Trust is seeking parents’ views in this second review of the online learning academies have made available to pupils during the COVID-19 crisis. We are especially keen to understand whether parents’ views have changed since the last survey. The information you provide will help us to carry on improving online learning opportunities for your child.

Please state how far you agree or disagree with the following statements. Please complete one survey return for each child that you have at one of our academies.


Hardship Help Lines for Parents

An Emergency Hardship Fund has been launched in Kent to support families with children who have complex needs and who are facing increased challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

This Fund has been opened specifically to help those who already deal with the complex needs of their child or children and now also face increased challenges through reduced income from losing their job or being furloughed, with many also seeing an increase in expenditure as their children stay at home from school.

Families in need of funding support must be referred to the KCF through a professional third party who can nominate on their behalf. This could be a social worker, a GP, specialist doctor, occupational therapist or school teaching staff.

To learn more about the fund and making an application visit Applications via email should be sent to

Academy child protection measures during the COVID 19 outbreak

The way in which schools and colleges are currently operating in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) is fundamentally different to business as usual. Most children are no longer in a school setting and staff numbers have been affected by the outbreak. The academy takes the safety and welfare of its pupils very seriously and thas therefore issued an addendum, in line with DfE guidance, to its existing Safeguarding Policy to cover the current crisis. This addendum can be found within the policy section of this website.

Free School Meals Voucher Scheme

The government today (Tuesday 31st March) has issued guidelines regarding vouchers for those children eligible for Free School Meals, but academies still await further information necessary to implement the scheme.
The vouchers will be available for those families that have registered as entitled to free school meals with their academy. The programme does not include infant children who have previously received a school meal under the universal infant meal programme, except where parents have additionally registered for Free School Meals with the academy.
Academies will send the first voucher on Monday 20th April and the current arrangements for providing Free School Meals will continue until Friday 3rd April. Please note that neither the Free School Meals arrangement nor the voucher scheme cover the designated Easter holiday period.

Statement from Leigh Academies Trust (Friday 20th March)

Dear Parent and Carers

A survey will be made available this morning via a link on your child’s academy’s website to identify whether you are a ‘key worker’ as recently provided in the government document.  We will need this information urgently to help us to plan effectively.  

The survey asks you to identify if you will require child care from Monday 23rd March. There is an opportunity to specify in this survey whether you need this child care to continue through the Easter holiday period. 

We have also been asked to provide child care for ‘vulnerable children’ should parents require it. The children matching this definition are those that:

  • Have a Social Worker;
  • Have an Education Health and Care Plan; and
  • Are looked after by the Local Authority.

Academies will contact parents today who fall into these categories to offer further guidance about this provision. 

The Trust’s strategy to provide child care will come in two phases:
Phase 1: Will involve your child attending their own academy to receive child care.
Phase 2: Will be implemented if staffing levels become challenging. This is likely to involve hub-based provision where your child will need to attend another nearby LAT academy.

All pupils not receiving child care should access online educational resources as set out in recent communications from your child’s academy Principal.

Further details regarding arrangements at your child’s academy, including those related to the availability of Free School Meals for those that are eligible, will be provided today by the academy’s Principal. 

Yours sincerely,

Neil Willis

Chief Operating Officer