Work Experience

The experience of work, both pre- and post-16, is substantial and has to be planned with the full support of employers. Between 14 and 16 all students have at least 40 days’ experience of work increasing to 80 days between 16 and 19. The experience may be in blocks or shorter periods, in term time or in the holidays. It is all related to the curriculum and assessed.

The curriculum, whether at 14 to 16 or 16 to 19 provides qualifications at Levels 1, 2 (GCSE) and 3 (A-Level or equivalent), thus providing real progression and no dead ends.

Employability skills should be explicit but integrated into the mainstream studies as appropriate. These include team work, problem-solving, customer service, oral presentation, influencing (peers and seniors), self-management / time management, self-awareness / self-reflection, global and cultural understanding, self motivation, and the important of values.

Careers advice and guidance is explicit but integrated into the normal curriculum.

The Experience of Work