Y13’s EPQ presentations

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Our Y13’s are doing their EPQ presentations and we thought we’d share their amazing work and ideas.

The EPQ is a Level 3 qualification worth half an A level and a really exciting independent project where students decide on their own titles 

Projects can be research-based or products they make

Some project titles:

  • Using computer science and engineering to design and manufacture an umbilical robot
  • Understanding the mechanics of a two-cylinder engine through CAD and 3D printing.
  • Film Props and Architectural Construction in the film industry
  • understand the workings of an engine and present a model which shows how an internal combustion engine works.
  • Magnetic Levitation
  • Designing and Building an Electric Skateboard To Demonstrate a *New Example of Electric Propulsion and Modern Sustainable Transport.
  • Designing and Building a hanging bird feeding table
  • Creating a storage device for motorbike PPE
  • Management and development of Games using C++