Year 9 Module 4 Weekly Update

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Covid-19 Test Dates for Year 9

Year 9s will receive their third Covid test on Monday 22nd March, and these tests will be throughout the school day at the following times. Again, students will be directed to leave their lessons when it is their turn to be tested: 

  • 9V – 8.15am to 9.15am
  • 9W – 9.45am to 10.45am
  • 9X – 11.15am to 12.15 pm
  • 9Y – 12.45pm to 1.45 pm
  • 9Z – 2.15pm to 3.15 pm

Why Languages Matter

Stephen Fry discusses why learning languages is so important.

Please click here to read Stephen Fry Importance of learning languages

School Restaurant Menus

In addition to a variety of items available on a daily basis, please click here to access the menus and see what delicious meals are on offer when the restaurant facilities reopen!

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Important Dates

  • End of Module 4-Thursday 1st April 2021  
  • Start of Module 5 – Monday 19th April 2021

Please click here to access the UTC term dates for 2020/21

Goldsmiths University KS3 Holiday Club

Goldsmiths’ KS3 Holiday Clubs are back, and this year they’ve gone virtual! Two clubs are available during the Easter break: Art and Design, and Writing and Talking. Applications close today, so click here for more details about the events and how to apply. 

Covid-19 Home Testing

As Covid-19 Home Testing commences, please access the Leigh UTC LAT portal to find all the information that you will need to know to complete the rapid lateral flow tests, and how to report a positive result. 

If you have any additional queries about Covid-19 within the academy, then please do not hesitate to email

Letters Sent Home

Easter Mega Camps

Please click here to find out more about the Mega Camps , and click here to see what activities are on offer this Easter.

Aim Group 

Due to Government Funding in the Adult Education Budget, Aim Group has several Free online Level 2 Accredited Courses available to Parents to help better understand some key issues around young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Please click here to find out more. 

Library Reopening

To ensure that the library remains a Covid-safe area, some measures have been put into place so as to maintain the relevant social distancing rules and to prevent mixing between the year group bubbles. The library is open to Year 9 students at break time and lunchtime on Friday

Due to the close spacing of the area, there are to be only two students permitted to enter the library at any one time. We ask students to follow the one-way circular guide that has been marked out on the floor, as well as using the dedicated entrance and exit gates, and hand sanitiser upon entrance

Reading Cloud Library Account

Don’t forget that all students now have access to their very own library account! This means that you can now log on, and have instant access to the school library stock, write book reviews, and make book reservations. (When you reserve a book, the librarian will deliver the book to you during tutor time when it becomes available).

For information about how to use and navigate the website, please click here to watch the video tutorial. For information about how to use and navigate the app (available on both Android and iOS), please click here to watch the video tutorial.

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COVID 19 Safety Measures and Behaviour Expectations

  • When you enter and exit each building and all of your classrooms; ensure you have used the sanitiser. You can bring in your own sanitiser but make sure it is strong enough to kill any harmful bacteria.
  • All buildings have a one-way system in place to ensure that corridor contact is minimised. Central stairs are used to go up and the stairwells are used to go down. You must follow this system.
  • When you enter a classroom, use an antibacterial wipe to clean your table and chair.
  • Face coverings must be worn in the buildings at all times including in lessons
  • Ensure you stay in your ‘bubble’. You have been allocated a dedicated space before school, during lesson times and at break and lunch.
  • The restaurant will be open as usual. Eating and socialising must take place in your allocated area. Do not queue with students from other year groups (leave a 2m gap). Do not share food.
  • Please click here to access the behaviour expectations, including the uniform policy.
Poster of a man wearing a mask with the text 'Please wear a face covering'