The Leigh UTC, IBCP business breakfast


The latest Leigh UTC business breakfast was hosted by Year 12 IBCP students on Wednesday 23rd May. Held in the boardroom of the newly built Inspiration Academy, guests from a variety of sectors were ably guided through the attributes of IBCP students.

The International Baccalaureate has long been recognised for its value in giving a well-rounded education and producing successful, highly able individuals. The UTC is one of a few schools in the UK to take on its Careers-related Program (IBCP), a bespoke course which aims to prepare students for the workplace, while also providing them with the skills that the IB programme is so widely recognised for.

IBCP students strive to be:

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open-Minded
  • Caring
  • Risk-Takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

As part of their serviced learning, students had arranged the event and all guests agreed that they had successfully executed their task with the breakfast concluding with a tour of both the Inspiration Academy and The Leigh UTC.

Students showing guests an example of their work at The Leigh UTC

Guest comment included:

“Please congratulate the students for hosting a fantastic event” -Munya Badze, Enterprise coordinator


Volvo group at The Leigh UTC

Two members of management from the  Volvo group came out to The Leigh UTC on Wednesday 2nd May to showcase their new all electric bus currently being trialed along the Fasttrack in Dartford.

Adrian Felton delivered a presentation to our year 12 engineering students about the Volvo group and their research and development into new technologies. The presentation touched on Volvo Group activities across the world and importantly job opportunities particularly for those wanting to follow an apprenticeship pathway.

UTC students participated in the presentation with thorough questioning of why this move to elecrication is important and issues that may arise.

Students where then invited onto the electric bus to see how it works.  They then went on a journey to the charging depot in Greenhithe to see the new technology up close.

With the advances in battery and charging technology students could see the bus fully charged in under 10 minutes.

On return to The Leigh UTC Volvo set a design challenge for our engineering students to come up with a viable solution to a real ongoing problem.

Over the next term students will work in teams to come up with a solution and present their findings to Volvo.  The winning team will receive a suitable prize for their efforts.

Steve Leahey, Principal of the UTC commented that such industry / education partnerships are increasingly vital for a sector with huge national skills shortages. We plan to work more closely with Volvo group on a number of initiatives over the coming year which will help our students have a clear understanding of work related learning.



Bloodhound Regional Finals

A huge congratulations to Jacob Woodhouse, Tom Argent, Jake Whiteman, Yahya Furrukh who came in 2nd place today at the Bloodhound regional finals. They had 1.5hrs to build and complete their rocket car for the race. We will find out next week if they have qualified for the national finals in June… fingers crossed for them!!




Local teacher recognised at the 18th Design and Technology Association Excellence Awards

On 23rd March, Miss Warner was awarded The James Dyson Foundation award for excellence in engineering education and Mr Nash was awarded The Institution of Engineering and Technology award for creative use of digital technologies in design and technology, both celebrated for their outstanding contribution at the 18th Design and Technology Association Excellence Awards. An annual event held at The Institution of Engineering and Technology, situated on the banks of the Thames in London, the Awards recognise the commitment and achievements of teachers, teacher trainers, education consultants and academics across primary and secondary schools, and further and higher education.

Nominated and voted for by peers in the education sector, the Design and Technology Association’s Excellence Awards is open to the 11,000-strong membership and non-members across England and Wales. This was especially impressive as both teachers were independently awarded national winners yet both from The Leigh UTC.

Awards were presented by Lesley Morris, Chair of the Design and Technology Association and Tony Ryan, Chief Executive of the Design and Technology Association Tony Ryan, Chief Executive of the Design and Technology Association, recognised Richard and Rebecca’s achievement, saying: “Richard and Rebecca are to be congratulated on their well deserved awards, and celebrated for going above and beyond what might be expected in their contributions to supporting the subject of design and technology.  We know that employers across the advanced manufacturing and creative industries are already concerned about the real shortage of engineers and designers and we need more people like Richard and Rebecca to inspire future generations.”

Mr Leahey – Principal at The Leigh UTC said ‘I am thrilled by the deserved recognition of our award winning staff. A richly deserved national accolade for all the outstanding work both Rebecca Warner and Richard Nash have achieved over the course of the year,   Our students are very fortunate to have such experienced and knowledgeable staff.

World Book Day – Thursday 1st March 2018

The Inspiration Academy and The Leigh UTC have been celebrating World Book Day today. Every lesson has started with a literature related activity, including: matching the opening line of the novel to the title, anagrams of authors’ names and book titles made from emojis.
The students have really enjoyed the activities and year 11 got quite competitive over the anagrams.
World Book Day 2 World Book Day 1 (1)