Health and Wellbeing Day Assembly

Dr Phil Bright , STEM  Ambassador and lecturer at The European School of Osteopathy, was invited to the school to talk to our students about the benefits of ”  Physical Activity ” on good health and mental well being .

He talked through statistics for the 11 – 14 age group , showing scientific evidence  to demonstrate the correlation and clearly explained the many ways that physical activity can be improved.  

Dr Bright provided a number of apps for students to help plan a healthy lifestyle, and answered many intelligent questions from our students, to enable them to start healthy habits at a young age, and prepare them for well being later in life.

Build A University Workshop

One of our business partners the University of Kent delivered a Build a University Workshop for all year 7 students throughout the day on Monday 20 January.

The University of Kent’s Build a University workshop was an hour long session and designed for students in year 7 . The workshop served as an introduction to higher education and aids in raising aspirations for all students. 


Yr 9 Past Achievements and Future Goals

University of Kent Year 7 “Past Achievements and Future Goals”: workshop day one..
Year 7 students  took part in the Past Achievements and Future Goals Workshop. sharing their experience of transition from Primary to Secondary, the main challenge they all agreed on is the “stairs”.

Year 13 German Cooking

This week Year 13 students had the opportunity to experiment their culinary skills cooking during a german lesson.

This involved using various ingredients and cooking a meal from scratch with all the instructions being in German.

Kartoffelpuffer (German potato pancakes)

Main: 1

Main: 2
Authentic German Schnitzel


All the students involved did an amazing job, in preparing their food. Their teamwork was absolutely fantastic! Staff members also loved tasting the food and were very proud!

UTC First Basketball Match

We had our first ever basketball game today against Wilmington Academy (Boston Celtics).
It was a great event, just shows how far we have come. The students were brilliant and both teams played with the right spirit. Unfortunately we lost to a last second buzzer shot. But It didn’t beat back the smiles on the students faces!

Future Transport Challenge at The Leigh UTC

As part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, year 9 at The Leigh UTC participated in a Future Transport Challenge on Thursday 7th November.

Facilitated by Phil Edwards of Weald Technology Limited, two separate workshops were held during the day.

Beginning with discussing sustainable transport, students went on to explore a number of international case studies looking at traffic congestion, air quality, energy usage and possible solutions to transport issues.


National Citizen Service

Daisy and Rhys form NCS (National Citizen Service)  were welcomed to the school to talk through the amazing summer programme on offer to all year 11 and 12 students.
Year 10 attended, so that they understand the opportunity that they will be eligible for in year 11.
This is a four week  programme revolving around : Adventure, Discovery, Action and Celebration.
The actual cost of the programme is £1500 , however it is on offer to our students for a remarkable £30 if they sign up next Friday 29th November .
NCS will be in the UTC restaurant for sign ups at breaktime.
Bursaries are also available to those eligible.