Healthy Minds, Relationships and Sex Education

At the Leigh UTC, we pride ourselves on preparing young people for all aspects of adult life. Our approach to Relationships and Sex Education is summarised clearly in our RSE policy. In addition, we have trained all staff to deliver our Healthy Minds curriculum during tutor times to all students.

Healthy Minds

In every year group, we use the Bounce Forward Resilience Programme to actively teach our students the skills of resilience and perseverance. Below you will find an outline of the topics covered in each year group. These supplement our Personal Development programme, and are delivered by teachers as part of our PSHE offer.

Year 7 - Managing the world around me
  • Bounce Forward Resilience Skills
  • Social Media Investigated (Media Navigator)
  • Drug Education (Prescription drugs use and misuse)
Year 8 - Moving towards my future
  • Bounce Forward Resilience Revisited
  • From School to Life
  • Social Media investigated (Media Influence)
  • Sex Ed Sorted (Part 1)
  • Drug Education (Alcohol use and misuse)
Year 9 - Taking control of the decisions I make
  • Bounce Forward Resilient Relationships
  • Drug Education (Illegal Drugs)
  • Sex Ed Sorted (Part 2)
Year 10 - Preparing for the future
  • Bounce Forward Resilient Decisions
  • Mental Illness Investigated
  • Bounce Forward Strengths and Energy
  • Bounce Forward Me at my Best
Year 11 - Preparing for the future
  • Bounce Forward Resilient Learners