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Module 5 2023-24 Term 2 2023-24
Welcome to the Leigh UTC Magazine! Our magazine is a collaborative effort between the dedicated staff and talented students of Leigh University Technical College (UTC). We aim to provide insight into the incredible happenings and achievements within our academy, serving as a platform to inform and engage with our local community. 
At The Leigh UTC, we believe in the power of sharing stories and showcasing the remarkable endeavours of our students and faculty. From groundbreaking research projects to inspiring extracurricular activities, our magazine highlights the diverse talents and accomplishments that make our academy unique. 
Through vibrant articles, captivating photos, and engaging features, we invite you to explore the dynamic world of The Leigh UTC. Whether you’re a parent, a community member, or simply curious about the exciting initiatives taking place within our campus, our magazine offers a glimpse into the innovative spirit and collaborative ethos that define our institution. 
Join us as we celebrate the achievements, initiatives, and talents of The Leigh UTC community. Stay tuned for updates, features, and insights that showcase the fantastic things happening at our academy!

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