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Course Description

The GCSE German curriculum will extend each student’s knowledge of a range of vocabulary and grammar concepts to allow them to use the language independently, purposefully and creatively to confidently express their own ideas and opinions. Students will also develop their cultural understanding of the world around them, focusing on German speaking countries.

We will focus equally on the four key skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and use authentic sources where possible to enable students to both understand and use the language successfully. We believe that our programme of study will develop confident and passionate linguists, with a desire to use their skills to communicate and explore the wider world.

Why study German?

  • Develop communication and creative skills
  • Learn about a wide range of topics with links to Science, Geography, Art and Culture
  • Build confidence and public speaking skills
  • Improve literacy and vocabulary
  • Travel with ease to German speaking countries

How will I be assessed?

This course will be assessed through four exams at the end of year 11 – each is worth 25% of the GCSE.

  • Listening exam:
    Written exam: 35 minutes (foundation tier), 45 minutes (higher tier)
    40 marks (foundation tier), 50 marks (higher tier)
  • Speaking exam:
    7–9 minutes (foundation tier) + preparation time
    10–12 minutes (higher tier) + preparation time
    60 marks (for each of foundation tier and higher tier)
  • Reading exam:
    Written exam: 45 minutes (foundation tier), 1 hour (higher tier)
    60 marks (for each of foundation tier and higher tier)
  • Writing exam: 
    Written exam: 1 hour (foundation tier), 1 hour 15 minutes (higher tier)
    50 marks (foundation tier), 60 marks (higher tier)

As shown above, foundation and higher tier versions of the papers are available and students will sit the papers that are most suitable for them. Foundation tier papers are for those likely to achieve a grade between 1 and 5, whereas higher tier papers are for those likely to achieve a grade between 4 and 9.

What will I learn?

Theme 1: Identity and culture

Topic 1 – Me, my family and friends

  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Marriage / partnership

Topic 2 – Technology in everyday life

  • Social media
  • Mobile technology

Topic 3 – Free-time activities

  • Music
  • Cinema and TV
  • Food and eating out
  • Sport

Topic 4 – Customs and festivals in German speaking countries

Topic 1 – Home, town, neighbourhood and region

Topic 2 – Social issues

  • Charity / voluntary work
  • Healthy / unhealthy living

Topic 3 – Global issues

  • The environment
  • Poverty / homelessness

Topic 4 – Travel and tourism

Topic 1 – My studies

Topic 2 – Life at school / college

Topic 3 – Education post-16

Topic 4 – Jobs, career choices and ambitions

What could I do next?

At The Leigh UTC we are passionate about developing STEM professionals for the future global market and therefore we believe in the benefits that learning a language can bring in enabling this to happen. Learning German increases your job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad. Learning German develops communication and problem solving skills. It also helps to improve your social skills, confidence and European awareness. 

GCSE German will be a key course to help you stand out in applications for sixth form, university and future jobs. At university, you will be able to continue your language studies as it is offered in conjunction with many other degrees; for example, Business management, English Literature, Law, Politics, Film, Mathematics, etc.