GCSE Results Day 2023

The Leigh UTC logo with the text 'GCSE Results Day 2023' over the top of it

The Leigh UTC continues to produce STEM professionals for future global markets. This is exemplified by yet another set of successful GCSE results for our 22/23 cohort. 

Students have excelled across the board with a 15% increase in grade 5s or above in the core subjects of maths and English. Our focus specialisms once again form the bedrock of student accomplishment with 43% of engineering students achieving an equivalent of grade 7 or above. 

Other successes include, but are not limited to:

  • An average grade of 6.9 for all students in business studies
  • An average grade of 5.5 for all separate scientists

Kevin Watson,  The Leigh UTC Principal commented, “We are delighted that so many of our students have delivered on their potential. The relentless dedication from this cohort and the staff body will enable students the opportunity to further their education and choose a career suited to their abilities. We have no doubt that they will continue to experience success and we wish each and every student all the best in their future endeavours.” 

Keith Ellis, a Leigh UTC governor and LAT Director commented, “The results achieved by Leigh UTC students are symptomatic of a dedicated group of students, supported by an expert team of educational practitioners. Their hard work and commitment to the engineering industry will provide a substantial boost to both the local economy and community in the immediate future.”

Students holding their results
Students holding their results
Students holding their results
Students holding their results
Students holding their results

Academies Director,  Debbie Biggenden added, “Congratulations to the students at The Leigh UTC for a successful set of examination results. We’re impressed with the UTC’s continuing dedication in setting students up for success in further education. We look forward to hearing about all they achieve, moving forward.”

The Leigh UTC will continue its pioneering work, in association with our industry-leading partners, to provide an unparalleled education experience for all students.

Some of the success stories include:

  • Temi: 4 grade 9s in maths, combined science and computer science, 3 grade 7s in English literature, English language and history and a grade 6 in art;
  • Luke: 3 grade 8s in chemistry, physics and electronics, 2 grade 7s in maths and biology, 2 grade 6s in English literature and English language and a Distinction* in engineering;
  • Denis: Grade 8 in chemistry, grade 7s in maths, physics and computer science, grade 6s in English language and biology, grade 5 in English literature and a Distinction in engineering; and
  • Laurita: Grade 9 in design technology, 2 grade 8s in combined science with 5 grade 7s in maths, English literature, English language, history and art.