HPV Vaccination Programme Letter

Dear Parents and carers, 

The HPV vaccine programme for girls started in 2008. This has reduced cancer-causing HPV in young  women in by 90%. The programme was extended in 2019 to include boys born after September 2006. 

The programme has consisted of two doses of the vaccine. Evidence now shows that only one dose is needed to give protection, unless further doses are clinically required i.e., those who are HIV positive. 

From September 2023, all eligible secondary school-aged children (boys and girls) will now be offered one  dose. That dose provides them with similar level of protection as the previous two doses. 

This means that most young people who’ve already received one dose are already fully vaccinated.  They do not require any further doses of the HPV vaccine. 

We will therefore only offer one dose of the HPV vaccine to children in the 2023/24 year eight cohort during  our next visit. We will offer one dose to any children in years nine to 11 who have not yet received the HPV  vaccine for any reason. We will not offer a second dose of the HPV vaccine to any child who has already  received one dose. 

Students who missed their HPV vaccination this year can attend one of our catch-up clinics that we run  throughout Kent and Medway at weekends and during the school holidays. 

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has more information on the HPV  programme changes.   

Kind regards 

School Age Immunisation Service
Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust